Yamaha course for 3 year old

EE mom

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My son has just turned 3 years old, and I'm interested in enrolling him in the Yamaha music course. I've called Tom Lee, but they only offer the Music Wonderland course in Cantonese. Does anyone know of any other centers or instructors that teach this course in English (or Mandarin)?

Hi EE mom,

Can you kid understand any Cantonese? Actually, there is a course at Music Room@Central. they used Manderine teaching material which is Carl Orff Methodology. However, the instructions are mainly Cantonese.

Carl Orff is a great teaching methodology. I am a music educator who makes use of Orff methodology a lot. It's great. You can check a lot of information on-line.

Besides, I am teaching a Music Enlightenment Course at APA which makes good use of Orff methodology too. Please check the course description at APA. It will give you a clear inroduction of music learning of Orff.

Feel free to leave a message for further information about early childhood music learning.

Maggie Ho
Could someone pls give me the web sit for musicroom@central? I'm interested in looking at the music lesson that Maggie referred to. Thanks.

Dear Grace,

How old is your kid? I will hold a class at Wan Chai soon. I would like to see if you are interested to join our music group or not.

By the way, MusicRoom@Central 's wedsite is www.musicroom.com

For further information, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or call 97425151. I am happy to discuss and give you any comments of any music learning.

Thank You.

Maggie Ho
Music therapy

Hi Parents,

Can anyone recommend places in HK for music classes or music therapy for a 2.5 yr old? My son loves music, singing and banging drums & piano so I would like to register him for a music course during the summer holidays.

Has anyone tried the music courses at Tom lee ?

Thanks for the info.

Has anyone tried the music courses at Tom lee ?