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Hi Everyone,

I just joined this site so not sure how it all works. I am expecting my first baby this April (Due date April 1 - yup an April Fools baby...what are the odds of babies being born on their due date?). I would like to connect with other moms to be.
Hi ya
There seems to be quite a few of us due in early April now...that can only be fortuitous!!!! I think there have been two get togethers so far for this group, one during the day and one after work as some of the group work and some are able to be more flexible with their time. I'm due April 4th with my first and am originally from NZ by way of the UK. The last two meet and greets have happened at one of the local coffee shops in Central so would be more than happy to meet up with you all again within next couple of weeks. I know some of the Mum's already have children so may find it more difficult with evening get togethers so I suppose we all have to be flexible. How about meeting in Central at a Pacific Coffee or Starbucks late afternoon next week does that suit anyone? I am very flexible so will be guided by the majority rule.

Hope all pregnancies are ticking along nicely and hope to catch up soon.

Hi there

I'm working and I'm due in May. I'm interested to meet other mums to be. May I join you for the next meeting?

Hey, same with me!
I am due in mid of April09, am a working mum and new to this site - oh and new to becoming a mum -...I joined this site yesterday :-)
I would love to connect with other expecting moms, but I have to work till 6pm Mo-Fr in Kennedy if your "late afternoon" means after 6pm I am fine with that... otherwise if we meet at the week-end I am very flexible!
Hi there,

I'm due 3 May (with my first) and would love to meet up with mums to be. I work full time also, so would only be able to meet up after 6pm or on weekends.
Im due in early May (first baby) and would love to catch up with mums to be.
I'm free to meet during the day or evenings, so let me know!
Talk soon
I also cannot meet until after 6 pm or on weekends. Are people more interested in an after work meet or a weekend meet?
I'd be interested in a Sunday afternoon meet. That's about the only reliable time for me. My work schedule changes too much. :thanks
MIX - Hollywood Road - 1pm
... I am fine with this... but as I am new to these meetings one more question:
Do we bring partner?
Hi ya
In regards to bringing partner....I don't think there's any hard and fast rules. The other times the ladies met up the lads weren't there but I think that was mainly due to the timing of the meeting. All depends on what everyone wants from the meet up I suppose?
I can make this time and location though can only stay awhile as I have a house warming party later that day. Ummm how will we find each other?