which formula brand?


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hello, i have just started my 5-month old on solids and i have started with Nestle rice cereal which he does like....i now need to mix the cereal with some formula milk since it is adding breastmilk to it creates a lot of work like pumping, etc which i want to do away with...pls. give yr best recommendations for a formula brand, also one which is easily available in P&S.....thanks.
There are plenty to choose from, although the more popular ones seem to be NAN Ha, Enfamil, S26 (all available at PnS)... I asked out pediatrician before and he told me that essentially they are all the same. That said, different babies might take differently to the same formula brand, as some babies might be more sensitive. NAN Ha seems to be a 'safe' choice and one that most pedias prescribe if your baby is a bit more sensitive (to allergies, etc.) With my son, we used Enfamil; with my daughter, we tried different brands before also finally settling with Enfamil (she would literally throw up the milk with the other brands, including NAN Ha and Japanese brands that we tried).
You can also mix the baby cereal with cooled boiled water if you do not have enough "spare" breast milk.
thank u buckeroo and tstmum....i bought NAN 1 yesterday and yes i also added v\boiled water to the cereal once.
now i want to know WHEN to give the cereal to him....during feeds (he is too focused on breast and cries if taken off), after feed (he is too full), just before (he only wants breast)...so WHEN? also should i start giving him water to drink now?....how much? this is my second kid but i am acting like a new mum.....we forget so fast, don;t we :).....psl. do advise.