Where to live if going to Kennedy School and Island School


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Hi. Our kids were recently accepted into Kennedy School and Island School. We're very happy to have gotten into schools, but now, my husband is in HK looking for an apartment and we need some help. Any suggestions on where to live if we want to be close to both schools so we can get bus transportation and to my husband work which is in Sheung Wan? We're thinking of Pokfulam and the Belcher's on Pokfulam road in particular. We definitely want a building with great kid facilites and our budget is up to 50k for a 3-4 bedroom.


Hi, we live in the Belcher's and it is great, currently pay $50k for a 4 bedroom, but we have been in it for over a year so I should imagine the price would have gone up by now... but you may get a cheaper place on a lower floor (we are on 46th floor). We are definitely in the catchment area for Kennedy School, and I see loads of kids with their uniform here. But I think the closest ESF secondary school would be West Island School - but Island School isn't too far...