Where to get Vaxigrip vaccine


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My 2 year old son had his vaxigrip vaccine done in S'pore a month ago and needs a booster shot. I have gone to 3 different clinics in Aberdeen, HK and all have said that there is no stock. Can anyone help? Very Desperate.
possibly it is just a little too early. Where I live (Canada) flu vaccine is not available until october at the earlies. It depends on when flu normally hits the area, and it probably is different in asia vs north america. The 1 month period is the MIMIMUM time between doses, it doesn't matter if you get the second dose later than 1 month.
Island Health in Discovery Bay is expecting their delivery of Vaxigrip flu vacc to arrive this coming week. If you don't mind travelling, give them a call on 2987 7575.

Else try ringing around in Central. The manufacturer of Vaxigrip is Sanofi Pasteur, which might help with your enquiries if you can give all the info. I'd reckon OT&P might be worth a try.
what age should / can you give this vaccine? We didnt give this vaccine to children in uK and I am always learning about new vaccines in Hong Kong!

Also, I know Repulse Bay Medical Practice had some in. You could try calling them.