Where do you buy your kids' shoes?


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We have two pairs of Dr Kong shoes for my 3 year old at the moment that have lasted only a few months before being completely scuffed through with holes and all the paint coming off the toes. I am very unimpressed!!! It's like they don't expect kids to actually do anything, let alone run or play.

So, where else might we get some good quality kids' shoes?
whst about Clarks? they are really good quality and good for little ones feet...to be honest I also buy alot of their shoes in Australia and just get someone to either bring them over on their next trip or send them to me...
i had bought cheap canvas shoes form H&M and they have lasted for more than a year now!!
For quality little boots and hard wearing shoes (waterproof, good for kicking and running in the dirt!) Be Be Dream has a good selection - they have a pull on / tighten up laces which are really convenient. We got ours at the shop in the Belchers. In the summer, my daughter lives in a couple of pairs of crocs, flip flops and some nice canvas slip ons from Comme Ca Kids for good.
I bought Puma, Adidas from the sportswear shops, and they are basically everywhere. They are very durable and nice, and cool! I think there is a little shop in Windsor House in Causeway bay that sells Baby Converse. You can find a lot of kids' shoes in Stanley market.
For our pigeon-toed son, we buy shoes from Dr. Shoes in Kowloon Tong... top floor where the food court is. They cost us about $800 a pair but lasts til he outgrows them.