Where can I buy buggy board and how much does it cost?


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I would like to buy one but don't know where can I buy it? Anyone know? Thanks a lot!:thanks
I've got a brand new buggy board to sell which is still boxed and never been used and was bought in UK. If interested, let me know.
We also have a new buggy board, by Lascal, never been used. We also have the box but it was a present sent from the UK and so the box is damaged but the board is fine. All offers considered.
Thanks for you info.

twinsmammie & simplyso,
May I know how much you would sell. Thanks!:flower:
in Melb, the Lascal kiddyboard was not available because something to do with the company being sold to another bigger company...so the baby shop introduced me to this thing called the Swiss Bibi Stroller Rider - it's kind of like a bike on trailer that attached to the side of the pram, so the advantage is that you won't kick it as much as it's a bit out of the way. Since i bought it and have been using it, I have SOOO many mums and dads making comment of what a clever idea it is. not sure if it is available in HK, but I thought it's worth a mention on this thread.
really thanks for your info. I love this rider but I think it's not available in HK.