Where can I buy a 'white noise' machine?


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The construction site next to our building is now in full force and its very hard for the girls to nap through the sound (their nursery is fortunately the furtherest room from the site but still noisy).

I see in USA, people can buy white noise machines, something small to put in nursery. I want WHITE noise not ocean, not heartbeat etc.

Thanks in advance!
I think a radio or tv static would be the same thing. I don't know where to buy one in HK, but I did get one from walmart in canada, it has white noise, heartbeat, ocean, and a whole lot of other options. It uses batteries, I am pretty sure it was made by conair.
White Noise machine

Hi there, go to www.canadahomehealth.com, and enter a search on the Obus Forme Sound Therapy machine. The one that pops up is about $32 Canadian, and I am sure they must ship internationally!
Hope this helps.
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