Where are you, August Moms?


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I am due mid-August and would love to hear how all you other August moms are doing now that we are heading full-speed towards full term! Surely there must be a bunch of us out there?
I'm due in the 2nd week of August. It's my first and I'm mixing private with public care. So far so good - pregnany has been smooth - no morning sickness or any cravings for a particular food. Baby is very active. Hate this hot weather at the moment as it's worst for us pregnant women.
Hi bbvv, Good to hear from you. I was beginning to wonder if I was the only person expecting in August on this forum! Your pregnancy sounds really similar to mine. Everything has been going extremely well, touch wood. I am doing both public and private visits too, and plan to give birth at the Queen Mary. Have you decided which hospital you are going to use?
Living in the New Territories, I decided on Queen Elisabeth as they have delivery suites designed to be 'home-like'. The thing that attracted me was the 10 spacious, independant and sound proof rooms with private telephone, television set and even light music to relieve the stress of the labouring clients.

Being a british born chinese, I went to the english antenatal class held in mid-June and was definitely surprised that they gave us a birth plan to select what we wanted on the day. Surprised as I thought public hospitals aren't into these stuff.

I have check-ups at QE twice a month now and yes, waiting times are long but hey, in the end I would rather use the money to buy baby stuff than have the delivery at a private hospital. My insurance covers the private check-ups and it's reassuring for me as QE do not give ultrasounds every visits.

Have you had a 3D/4D scan?
Wow, the QE sounds brilliant! The Queen Mary definitely does not have all those kinds of frills, but my husband works there and I am consistently impressed by the quality of their medical care, if not so much their soft skills.

Yes, we had our 4D scan about three weeks ago -- it was unbelievable! I thought I was going to get freaked out by the images, but it actually made me quite emotional. Those pregnancy hormones are definitely getting stronger!

Have you got all your bits and pieces ready for the baby yet? We only just started and my head is already spinning with all the different choices and products...
Our 3D/4D scan was incredible too - centainly something every mothers-to-be need to have done. Our baby looks like my hubby and had to add in that he has my pointed chin.

Shopping for baby stuff was a headache as we were so indecisive on what to get. In the end we had to seek my hubby's sister's help as she has gone through all this. We managed to get most stuff from Wing On's sale last month and the weekend just gone. Yep, so many choices for the same things.
Just the hospital bag to pack and I think I'm ready. My parents will be bringing out a few grobags from London as I hear that they are better than all those frilly beddings.

So is this baby your first?
Yes -- this is our first, so everything feels magical and new. Our baby looks like my husband too -- I've heard that all newborns tend to because in the wild, it helps fathers recognize and bond with their offspring. Do you know if you are having a boy or a girl? We want ours to be a surprise, but the suspense is killing me!

You are much further ahead of me with all the preparations! We have a cot and a stroller and lots of bits and pieces that people have given us, but we still need to get curtains and some other furniture for the nursery. Such a headache... But lots of fun at the same time...

Any other August moms out there giving birth at either the Queen Elizabeth or the Queen Mary? Or are bbvv and I going to have all the doctors and midwives to ourselves?! (hahah -- we should be so lucky...)
Hi mamamei, ours is a boy - we do not mind the sex as long as the baby is healthy. I guess knowing the sex will reduce our time in thinking up a girls name. Have you decided on baby names yet? I decided on an english name and my husband is still deciding on a chinese one.

It's nice to have most of the preparation for the baby's arrival out of the way as I do not know whether or not the last few weeks will be more tiring for me to get out and about. I have noticed that I'm more tired or shall I say sleepy this month as opposed to my 2nd trimester. Do you find it hard to sleep? I try as much as possible to sleep on my sides (left most of the time as I've read somewhere that it's best) but due to turning and tossing, I find myself sleeping on my back and getting a backache when I get out of the bed. When I'm not sleeping I do not suffer from any backaches.

There's the 14th Intl Baby/Children Product Expo being held at the HK Convention & Exhibition Centre between 5th-7th Aug if there are stuff you still haven't brought. I would love to go but my due date is on 9th Aug so better not risk it. They only have these expo once a year unfortunately.
Hi bbvv, I am finding it harder to sleep too as I wake myself up every time I shift from one side to the right! My back is holding up ok (I am convinced this is a big benefit of practising yoga for many years) but it is a little awkward having to hoist myself up without being to use my stomach muscles.

We have a vague idea about names but are finding that it is much easier to choose a girl's name than it is to choose a boy's one. Doesn't help much considering that I am convinced I am carrying a boy! My parents are in charge with coming up with a Chinese name but they have been a bit slack. Must get on their case, as it is really not very long now untl the baby is born!
Hi mamamei, so are you originally from HK and do you work? I was born in Somerset, UK, worked in London and moved to HK to work 6 years ago. No regrets - the main reason was my husband who's from HK but at the time we weren't married yet.

Well, just under a month before I take my maternity leave plus a month's annual leave on top. HK's 10 weeks statutory maternity leave is pretty digusting - in UK, we can get 26 weeks plus you can take a further 26 weeks off.

Baby has been pretty active since 18 weeks - he kicks or punches really hard at times - you can really see the movement on my tummy. I'm enjoying it whilst it last as I hear that in the last few weeks there won't be so much movement as they have less space to move around. Have you tried placing a torch light on your tummy - ours always reacts to it. :baby:
Hey bbvv, I grew up in HK before going to university and working in the UK. Moved back here about 5 years ago with my English boyfriend (now my husband!) in tow. We love it here. Was back in London at the beginning of the month and couldn't imagine having kids there, and having to bump a stroller up and down the steps on the tube every time I wanted to go out.

Like you, I am working now -- in fact, because of how easy my pregnancy seems to be going, I am planning on working right up until I give birth so I can stretch my maternity leave out for as long as possible! I agree -- HK maternity leave is super stingy, but no less so than the US, who I believe are entitled to about the same amount of leave. If only I worked for a Scandinavian company like a friend of mine, who has TWO YEARS maternity leave ...and a further two years if she chooses to have another child straight after!

Our little one is squiggling around as I type. Seems to have loads of energy as I feel movement throughout most of the day. I have also heard that the movement slows down as space becomes restricted, and like you, I think I will definitely miss the feeling. Ooh, I haven't tried the torch trick yet, but my husband has been putting iPod earphones on my belly before we go to sleep since we found out I was pregnant and Baby always responds to that right away. Lately, I think it's starting to get sick of 'The Dark Side of the Moon'... the kicks are definitely becoming stronger...!
Our company policy for taking maternity leave is between 2 to 4 weeks before estimated due date so I'm taking the minimum. I guess they don't want any unexpected deliveries in the office which I can understand.

Have you decided to go for a natural birth or a C-section. I'm opting for a natural birth as you recover quicker from it. Do you plan to breastfeed? I hope I will be able to and not give up too easily as breastfeedling is good for both mothers and babies. I have brought feeding bottles and formulas incase it doesn't work out.

Have you put on much weight? I've put on 25lbs so far at 34 weeks. People say I don't look pregnant from behind - this tends to happen if you are carrying a boy.

So do you have to go through the chinese tradition of staying at home for a month after the birth, not washing your hair for a month and bathing with ginger boiled water. My mother-in-law insist on this, however, I am allowed to wash my hair once a week as long as I dry it thoroughly afterwards - this I think is not even enough considering this heat we have at the moment. Guess I have to stick with it as it's supposed to prevent me from having rheumatism and arithritis in my old age!

My parents will be visiting HK for a couple of months as it's their first grandchild - how about your in-laws?
It has been a while since anybody has been pregnant in this office and I am half convinced that the reason they are letting me stick around until the end is because my colleagues are super-excited at the thought that I might go into labour at work and that they'll have to rush me to hospital like in a movie.

I am also hoping for a natural delivery -- part of the reason I chose to give birth at a public hospital. Bizarrely, 5 out of 5 of my friends who have given birth at a private hospital have had c-sections because 'labour wasn't progressing', whilst 3 out of 3 of my friends who have given birth at a public hospital have had natural births! Obviously if a medical emergency calls for it then I will have no second thoughts about a C-section. Minimum fuss and a healthy baby are all I am really gunning for at this stage.

I have put on 22 pounds at 32 weeks, so now that I am 34 weeks, I suspect our weight gain is pretty close! I have also been told that it is all my weight gain is in my belly and boobs, but I personally think I have put on weight all round. In photos, my face looks rounder than it used to, and I DEFINITELY can't squeeze my butt into my old low-cut jeans!

Nobody in my family seems to have a clue about the traditional confinement month, so it doesn't look like I will be getting any pampering on that end. I have Hulda from Annerley Midwives doing my postnatal visits, and my grandma has been cooking vinegar ginger eggs for months already, but that is about it!

You must be really happy that your folks are coming out here for so long-- I feel so lucky that my parents are walking distance from our apartment. Don't know how I would cope at the beginning without them! My in-laws are coming out to meet the baby in October, which will give us time to settle down and get things in order. It was a really generous gesture for them to offer to come later, since I don't know if I would be able to cope with both sets of parents bouncing off the walls at the same time.

How are you feeling this week? I am definitely feeling heavier… more pelvic pressure. The end is definitely in sight!
Our office has been having baby booms every year so far. We have 3 in the office expecting this year and a couple of males whose wives have given brith in the last two months. I see lots of pregnant women in HK this year or maybe it's because I am pregnant and I notice more bumps on the streets.

I chose public because my private OB is popular in giving C-sections - seems that private doctors don't like to hang around too long. Public tend to go for natural delivery unless an emergency C-section is required. I am now going to QE on a weekly basis for check-ups - quite boring with all the waiting...

My feet, legs and fingers started swelling mildly last week - they say it's water retention - I drink a lot of water during the day and rush to the loo more often now. Like you most of my weight has gone onto my belly and boobs - I weighed 28lbs at 35 weeks - been told that the weight tends to pile on more later in the pregnancy.

Gosh, can't believe that I have a month to go - counting the days and looking forward to seeing my little darling enter the world. I have so much love to give to him. Do you intend to have more children? I would like another one as I always think one child can be very lonely and spoiled.
hi you two,

thought i'd join you in this forum. i am due in august too, and am having mine at the queen mary. it's my third baby there, and have been going to the tsan yuk for antenatal check ups. don't want to put you off, but have to tell you about the battle i've had with my current doctor there.

since i had two caesareans previously, the doctor i saw this time (who actually performed my first caesarean) has been trying to force me into having a early scheduled caesarean third time round, which i know is their normal policy. but i found his way of trying to force me to agree quite appalling using scare tactics and trying to make me feel guilty incase something happened to me or the baby. i couldn't believe some of the things he was coming out with.

luckily for me i had seen a very well known private doctor and annerley midwives previously and am a little more educated about the possibilty and risks involved in trying for natural labour after two c-sections, even though it is not normal practice in hk.

so a word of advice to you two, don't just take their advice without question. make sure there is a valid reason if they tell you you need a caesarean as it could affect the way you deliver second or third time around. although after one caesarean they normally let you try natural if you really want second time around, but definitely not third time,it's a big no no. i have to add that recovery after caesarean is really painful and i know other people who have had bad experiences like me feeling like they have had no alternative. so definitely go for natural if you can.

i already have two boys and don't know what i am having this time round, thought it would be nice to have surprise as it maybe our last! i am bbc from london too, came to hk 9 years ago never thinking i'd be here this long, now living on lamma island where it's a great place to bring up kids, with all the space and sense of community.

when are you guys due again? i'm due on 10 august.:baby:
Hi orionbynight - i'm due on 9th Aug and will be taking my maternity leave next Wed with an extra month off on top - the statutory maternity leave stinks over here - 10 weeks, which is barely enough.

Just hope my boy will want to see the world on around due day. It's my first so don't really know what to expect.

Gosh, your 3rd child - you must be a very experienced mother. So what made you move out to HK? HK is great - it's so convenient but I do miss home sometimes especially the cosiness and the peacefulness. It's too overcrowded over here and this horrible heat and humidity at the moment is worse for us pregnant ladies.

We should keep in touch and maybe one day once we are all settled we can meet up with one another with our babies and share experiences.
Hi everyone,

Gave birth to my baby boy two weeks early and can't believe a month has gone by already.

My boy worried us these past few days - he wouldn't take the bottle with my breastmilk so I ended up breastfeeding him directly - my hubby wanted to feed at times so that I can catch up with some sleep. Apparently it was the bottle nipple that had to be changed from 0 month to 1 month +.

I assumed you are all busy looking after your baby but do keep in touch.
Hi August moms, how is everyone coping so far? My baby girl was due Aug 5 and was born July 28.
You mentioned bf through your messages. I have been bf my girl since birth and have just started back at work this week. Am scheduled to express twice while at work and would love to share with anyone who is also experiencing the same. There is such a vast knowledge on bf alone, am just dying to share thoughts from other moms on this aspect too!
My baby was born on 27th supposed to be dued on 8th Aug. I've started work this week too and do miss my boy. I breastfed him since birth too and supplemented it with formula milk as I didn't have much breastmilk coming out despite drinking all sorts that suppose to increase the supply but obviously it didn't help. I was only able to pump 1-2oz last week so I've stopped completely this week as my baby takes in 5 fl oz per feed and I cannot provide for his demand. Just glad that I had managed to breastfeed, anyway.

Well good luck with the expressing as I would have loved to be able to do that. My friends used to express at lunchtime and just after work - she had plenty of it and this helped with the engorgement.
Gosh, so sorry for the radio silence, it has been ages since I have visited this thread.

Our littly monkey ended up coming MUCH sooner than we expected -- 4 weeks early! But since then, he has been an absolute angel. Thriving on breastfeeding (75th percentile in both height and weight) and sleeping through the night.

I still have a few months to go before I have to go back to work so will definitely be looking to you guys for tips on how to cope with being away from bubs... not to mention milk-management!