Whatsapp Group - Oct to mid Nov Due Dates


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If you'd like to join the Oct - mid Nov due dates Whatsapp group please PM me with your phone number or post below.

Someone may like to start another group for due dates in second half of November and December.
Hi- i?d like to be added too please. Second girl due in November ?? My number is 96367656. Thanks, Davina
Hi all I?m pregnant with my second (and third) - TWINS - due 29 Nov - is there a WhatsApp group I can join? My number is 90257059. Thanks! Sheena
Ah, that would explain why the lady who we added yesterday didn't say much and then left the group!! I'll add you now :-)
Hello, if your EDD is between October or mid-November and you'd like to be added to the whatsapp group please post here or PM me your number.

Someone else needs to set up the whatsapp group for late November / December please.

(There are so many babies being born in HK that one whatsapp group for 3 months would have 100s of members, it's then a bit hard to follow the chat).
Hi, I am Kelly and I am due in mid October and would love to join your WhatsApp Group. Please add me 61146287.