Webster-Stratton Parent Groups and private consultations


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I am looking into setting up a business here running Webster-Stratton Parent Groups and also providing private consultations for families to help address parenting difficulties in the home (e.g. around aggressive/destructive behaviour, mealtimes, bedtimes, sibling rivalry etc).

I have over 15 years experience working with children and their families in all settings; privately in the home, through the NHS as an Assitant Clinical Psychologist for Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Learning Disability Services, and through Children's Services as a Family Group Conference Coordinator. I have a degree in Psychology, am also a qualified Nursery Nurse, hold Counselling Certificates as well as am trained to run the fantastic Webster-Stratton Parenting Programs.

I have done a lot of research and am currently looking after a child here. There appear to be a lot of programs available for children, and children and their parents, but I do not seem to be able to find much on programs specifically for parents, or, for parents to send carers/nannies of their children on.

I would like to know if parents would be interested in attending these courses or sending their nannies/carers on one?

The courses run for varying length and focus on developing relationships between parents/carers and their children, and strategies for managing behaviour difficulties through the use of play, effective praise and positive reinforcement, to support the development of the child. The groups are 2 hours a week and are fun and interactive, involving group discussions, role-play, the use of dvd clips and homework.

The courses cover:

Parents: Babies & Toddlers Programs (Ages 0-3 Years)
Parents and Babies Program - Ages 0-12 months.
The Incredible Years Parents and Babies program supports parents and their babies. The Parents & Babies program consists of a 6-part program focused on helping parents learn to observe and read their babies' cues and learning ways to provide nurturing and responsive care including physical, tactile, and visual stimulation as well as verbal communication.

Parents and Toddlers Program - Ages 1-3.
The Incredible Years Parents and Toddlers Program supports parents and builds optimal parenting skills. The Parents & Toddlers program consists of an 8-part program focused on strengthening positive and nurturing parenting skills. Each program builds on the previous.

Preschool/Early Childhood BASIC Series (Ages 3-6 Years)
This training is comprised of Programs 1 - 4. The program focuses on strengthening parenting skills and consists of components which build upon one another.

School Age BASIC Series (Ages 6-12 Years)
This series focuses on the importance of promoting positive behaviors, interpersonal issues such as building social skills, and effective praise.

ADVANCED Series (Ages 4-12 Years)
This series builds on the BASIC School Age Parent Training Program by focusing on parent interpersonal issues such as effective communication and problem solving skills, anger management and ways to give and get support.

Any advice or feedback would be greatly welcomed.

Thank you.
i run two playgroup centres and would love to offer some evening courses for parents. however, i know from your posting on geoexpat that you do not have a visa. of course, we couldn't come to any kind of agreement about the courses until that issue is solved.
That's great to hear! Right now I am just trying to find out if there is a market out there for what I am offering. I am currently looking into getting a visa and have been given some ideas of how to go about this. I will keep you posted on how it goes.
Wasn't someone arrested earlier this year for conducting seminars without a visa? Remember reading it in the SCMP. Best to get that sorted first. :)
Definately! I have no intention of starting the business without a legal work visa. :smile: However there is also no point in starting a business without first finding out if anyone wants the service. So far I have had positive feedback from quite a few parents, schools and nurseries and any other feedback would be appreciated. The better I know the market, the better I can put in a good pitch to justify being approved a work visa to set up the business.