Waking & Crying at night


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My daughter started sleeping through the night at 8 months after some serious Ferberising (Dr Ferber's technique)!

Now, she's doing well - sleeps 7pm - 6.30/7am without a feeding.

However, she often wakes and cries for about 5 minutes before settling herself back to sleep. I don't go into her unless she cries for more than 5 m inutes. Last night she woke 3 times. Some nights, it's just once or not at all.

Just wondering if this is normal or is she still learning how to settle herself back to sleep and this will eventually pass.

Grateful for others' advice.

i think your daughter is normal. Most of the time my 21 months dd sleeps through the night, sometimes wakes up once crying. I know the waking can be due to nightmares, teething, and etc.

May i know how old is your dd? teething could be one of the possibilities that she wakes up?

Thanks, MeowMeow. My LO is just 8 1/2 months. It happenned just once last night.

Bear Lau: Ferber's technique is a variation on controlled crying. He says that once you've eliminated various causes of your baby's crying, you should wait 5 minutes before attending to him/her. Then, using no sleep aids (ie pacifier) try to calm him/her for a few minutes only. Do not pick them up. Then leave the room even if bubs is still wailing. Then, wait 10 minutes and do the same. Then, wait 15. There is slightly more to it. If you're interested, I highly recommend his book 'Solving your child's slep problems'. He has techniques for older children too who, for example, get out of their cot and come into your room at night to be cuddled.