Vaccinations for HK


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Hi, We are about to move to HK from London with our nearly 2 year old boy. We have opted out of giving him any vaccinations so far for various reasons, but I want to find out the lay of the land in HK.
Are they compulsory in HK?
Are some compulsory and others not?
Are there any that are specific to HK that people would really recommend? Hep B has been mentioned for eg.
What about schools - will it restrict the schools that he can go to if he doesn't have the usual childhood vaccinations?

I would really appreciate some impartial advice about this please and maybe some recommendations for doctors that are sympathetic towards this sensitive issue.
Thanks Everyone!
I would definitely consult your doctor to see what he/she advises. My son was born in London and our clinic there had a list of vaccinations that they recommended for his age (he was 6 months at the time) one of which was Hep B. My US doctor told me to also do Rotavirus which can cause major diarrhea and vomiting.

Keep in mind that HK is basically the virus capital of the world.
i, personally, would not travel to south-asia for any length of time without having my children FULLY vaccinated. you would be playing russian roulette with your children's heath, as far as i'm concerned.

if you know anything about the spread of viruses/disease, you will know that most of them emanate from this neck of the woods.

i wish you luck with your decision.
I am one for giving immunisations - I would hate for my kids to get something that could have been prevented (and am very pleased that my baby never had gastro once, I feel in part due to her immnisation).

We gave our youngest both the required ones in Australia as well as Hong Kong so she had about three more than other kids. I think that immunisations should be given for the country you are living in so (for Hong Kong) it was TB and Rotavirus (which is now on the list in Aust too) and Hep A/B.