Urgent medical Advice: Antibiotics for Eczema for Toddler


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I?ve recently taken my daughter (2.5) who has a mild form of Eczema to a pediatric dermatologist. He prescribed
? Cortisone Cream (Elomet, 15g / 0.1%) for 7 days,
? Anti inflammatory: Protopic, 30g / 0.03%) on going
? Oral Antibiotic: Flucloxacilin Elixir BP 125mg/5mL, 100m for 7 days
? Ovelle, Emulsifying ointment 500g (ongoing)
After some research we decided noto to use Protopic, but the other medicines we?ve used. Now we?ve completed the first 7 days of Cortisone and Antibiotics, but today the doctor said I have to continue with the Antibiotic for ANOTHER 7 days?
Is that normal? Has anybody given their children Antibiotics for more than 7 days for a skin condition?
I?d appreciate urgent some feedback, as I?m suppose to start the next course tomorrow morning.
Wow, that is an incredibly long list of medications for infantile eczema? And you mention it's mild?
did the Dr go into possible triggers - your childs diet, possible environmental triggers etc? It seems to me to be a very aggressive treatment, but then again HK is known for Dr's overprescribing!
I know there are studies to link baby's digesteive flora (probiotics) levels and allergies like eczema. Antibiotics have an adverse affect on flora levels, but if the ezcema was badly infected, then maybe well justified?
I would consider a second opinion and look into the nutritonal side of things which often gives long term results not symptomatic treatment.

Good luck.
a bit more history to DD case, she started having eczema at the age of 1, right after i started going back to work. Since then (past 18 months) we've seen two Pediatrician , a homeopath, two Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and now the dermatologist (as last resort). The Homeopath recommended to cut out Egg and all Dairy, which we did for 9 months, but it made little difference other than her not gaining any weight in a year! The dermatologist also ran a blood allergy test to see if there it is any food related reaction. We are still waiting for the result
Wow, that is a long list. There is so much conflicting information on excema out there, for sure there is no one right way of doing it. Our son had moderate to severe excema from the age of 7-20 months. It was very stressful, and I can't say we found a miracle cure, but we only used "natural" methods, meaning oils, sheer butter, wet wraps (just with water), homeopathy and food illimination. Well it has been half a year now that all is well, but I cannot say for sure if this is thanks to our treatments, or that he just grew out of it. I don't think that anything you apply will actually cure it, may just reduce the symptoms. We did go to see an allergist but we did not follow his advice in applying cortison cream.

Don't want to scare you and like for everything you need to do what feels right to you. But personally I believe the medicine prescribed here is far worst than the condition and I would not take any of it. But the natural alternative of waiting it out and using only non-medicated products may mean a long wait, with lots of night waking and itching. I also believe the theory that says that exzema is often an emotional issue due to stress.
You say that it started when you went back to work... does it get a little better when you are on holidays ? it might also be a stress situation.
Have you eventually changed your washing powder and softener to a hypo'allergenic one ?
Antibiotics would be the last of last thing I would give to my baby if he had a skin condition. Antibiotics are there to stop infections. Even if it works, it will just stop the symptoms, but not the problem. I once met a specialist who wanted to give my son antibiotics because he had reflux !! crazy !
Don't forget that giving antibiotics to young children increases the risks to have bowel problems later, and will make the teeth yellowish.
Did you eventually meet Dr Bradshaw at IMI ? he is an homeopath, and made wonders with my children.
Good luck !
my bub had mild eczema when he was about 2-3 months old. i started using ego QV wash and ego QV lotion for him since then and he has been doing alright till now. maybe you can give this brand a try?