Two year old won't nap


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Since I have switched my son to a toddler bed, he has been gradually stopping his afternoon naps. He just plays in his room. Luckily he doesn't try to get out. I have tried doing something calm before putting him down, rubbing his back, but nothing works. He gets really tired by about 6pm and then sleeps till about 6:30 am. Should I be concerned? He's getting 2 hours of less sleep then he use to.
eventually all kids stop napping. some earlier than others. is it possible to get him to "hold out" for bed until 7pm? maybe he'd sleep a little later in the morning?

otherwise, you may have to kiss that lovely break in the day goodbye!

R still pretty much needs her nap. she can go without it, but is an absolute nightmare by bedtime if she does. when she naps now, it can be anywhere from 30 minutes up to 2.5 HOURS, just depends on the day.

L still naps occasionally....
i wouldn't force your kid to nap...if they need it, they will nap, if not then no nap is OK...eventually they will not need to nap anyways as they get older that is. unfortunately that means no break for you, but then again, no nap might mean an earlier bed time, so you just get more time at the end of the day instead - a trade off I'd say! i'm pretty lenient and let my one nap for as long as she wants (if she needs one) - sometimes it 45mins, sometimes its 2 hours - just depends on the day...i wouldn't worry too much - you can watch for signs, like for me, rubbing of the eyes means I'm tired, and I know putting my one for a short nap will be easy, but if she's playing and not showing any signs of exhaustion then I let the nap nap means earlier dinner and bedtime - but that's fine. eventually they will catch up with their sleep!
I think if he is sleeping so well at night and getting almost 12 hours that is great! When DD was 2 she was the same. once or twice a week she would do 13 hours at night but I was happy with 11-12 hours! My youngest is different again and is going to bed late and still waking up early so she is lucky to get 10 hours a night without a day sleep. She is older than yours tough.