Twins at Union hospital or PWH?

Wai-Mei Ho

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I'm expecting twins at the beginning of Oct. I hope to deliver at Union hospital but am also attending checkups at PWH as a backup in case of a premature pregnancy. I was wondering if there is anyone who's had experience w/ delivering twins at these hospitals?
I don't know about twins, but I do know a friend who delivered at Union hospital and it sounds like one of the least breastfeeding-friendly (and human-friendly) hospitals in Hong Kong. All the babies are kept in a nursery which YOU have to visit, by appointment; they won't bring babies to your bedside. If you are not capable of moving (and there is obviously a high risk of ceasareans for multiple births), you don't get to see the babies.

My friend who had a ceasarean with general anaesthetic didn't get to see her baby for 24hrs, and neither did her husband - because it was an unscheduled birth and he didn't have an appointment with the nursery! She didn't get breastfeeding off to a great start as a result, because it helps to breastfeed as soon as possible after the birth. Even when capable of walking, she was only able to visit her baby according to the hospital's feeding schedule, which is no doubt designed for bottlefed babies.

Look for a hospital where they will bring your babies to your bedside if you plan to breastfeed. They do that at Queen Mary which is a public hospital, so PWH may be the same (ask them).

Even if you don't plan to breastfeed, I am sure you will want to see your newborn babies whenever you want!
I had a different experience with Union Hospital. they were encouraging me to breastfeed and appt's were not nnecessary to visit the nursery. If u asked them to bring your bb to you they would. Well i am talking 6 years ago...sounds like they have gone downhill since.