Twins at PWH


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I'm expecting twins ealry Feb (due to be delivered early Jan by C/S for past medical complications and deliveries) and from word go our private dr in Central referred us to Prince of Wales in ShaTin (we live in NT) as our back-up plan ... I've been for all of my antenatal check-ups there (plus at my drs clinic in Central as he takes much more time with me and answers more of my questions --plus I've known him for 4+years and he knows my history well too).

I'm pretty anxious about delivering at PWH as a public patient, most especailly as it'll be a CS ... has anyone had experience at PWH as a public patient? I know exactly why I'm there ... they too have one of the best NICU units in HK (QM for HKI, PWH for NT) ... I'm just quite anxious about hubby not being allowed in for the CS, nor can my 3yro son visit me while in hospital... I still have to go and visit the public L&D ward and confirm with them their breastfeeding policies ... but from what i've "heard" you have to go to the babies in the nursery, they will not bring them to you in your room ... .. which makes things rather difficult for the first 24hrs after a c/s ....

our last son was born at matilda, and am still considering going there if I get to 36wks, but I'm also thinking that's the cost of a new car for us too ... and we'll definitely need that new car now ?????