TV Programming - How to ensure good Influences


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We have a 2 year old that is our only kid at this point. We don't pay for basic cable and are using a smart TV. We use Vudu, Youtube, and other features just built into our TV for programming. Some of our favorite shows for Quinn include:

Dino Dana
Daniel the Tiger
Shaun the Sheep
Dinosaur type shows

Our son like's Paw Patrol but after a discussion with my wife we are not the biggest fan of programming that does tons of merchandising, and seems to further character development at the expense of seemingly everything else. For instance, modeling reality is not the expectation, but I don't view it positively when we have 'magical' or 'nonsensical' explanations for various physical phenomenon. In my mind, it'd be better to encourage kids to explore and look for answers rather than kind of a 'hero worship.'

My main question is whether any parents have figured out how to avoid the little 'kid fits' that occur when your kids see you browsing - I know within Youtube it will organize programming by what you've watched - I'd prefer to only see programming that we think is positive. Quinn tends to have little mini-fits if he sees a show that he wants to watch. We'd prefer to avoid that altogether, if possible.

Any feedback is appropriate here, whether advice on show content or how to 'streamline' or 'select' stuff most effectively.