TV and toddler


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Hi there,

My son is 23 months old.The only way i can get him to eat is while he is watching cartoons. So thats abt 15mnts in the morn, afternoon, even and night.I am scared if its too much for his eyes.

Please let me know what u guys think.
Thanx a lot!


What do *you* think? If you don't mind him eating while watching cartoons, go ahead and continue. I doubt that his eyes will be hurt.

However, if you are concerned that he will only eat if there are cartoons, then you need to break him of the habit.

Try keeping the TV off for a few days when he wants to eat. If he gets hungry, he will eat without the cartoons.

your son and mine sound like twins...whenever you seem to worry abt your son...mine seems to do the same...though my son watches for abot 1/2 hour with each meal....even though i've been doing it I think it's not that great as whenever I travel...if there is no great TV for him to's difficult to get him to eat...
Hey cristletips....i love cartoons too.they are so much fun.

loupou.....thanx for the comment.u r right i shud do somethn abt it.
but then he enjoys the cartoons and i get him to eat .hmm.....
So u think abt 1-2hrs daily is okay?

rads,thats so cute.i think ur little one and mine wil lbe good friends as they have so much in comon.
the 15 mnts sometimes go on to 30 mnts too....i then feel glad i got him to eat.heeehehee