Travelling w/Twins- HK Airport facilities


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Hi, any twin mums have an experience in travelling with twins. I am bit concerned at the HK International Airport facilities for twin side-by-side stroller.
Is the metal detector wide enough to put the stroller through? or do we have to collapse the stroller? Before pregnancy, I only saw there are escalator going underground to the there any lifts avail?

Sorry to post this here, but I didn't get the clear message on the customer service phone in the airport. And it's our first time on travelling with twins.

Lifts are available through out the airport and the MTR network, you should be ok with them.

The screening gates are probably not wide enough for a twin stroller.
One more thing, if you're travelling by yourself you can call the airlines and ask for an escort who will be able to help you get through from the check-in counter to the gate.
Yes it is wide enough - depending on your stroller...

We just came back from our trip to NY with our 14 month old girls and HK airport is no problem! I do recommend using your stroller as much as you can as they do stand out and the people at the airport will try to put you through quicker than other people (using crew line etc) and every bit helps when you are traveling with twins. There is elevator but we like walking to all gates even if the gate number is 68, it is easier to walk with stroller than getting on elevator/train etc. Our stroller is very old model lightweight one and it is tight but it does fit through the immigration gate as well as the security gate and they allow you to put the babies through on stroller. Be careful though about your destination as some airport like JFK will insist you to carry the babies yourself no matter what. The problem we had in the HK airport was actually the nursing room door - it was really tight and we really had to squeeze in but we did manage to push the stroller in/out.
We've done two trips to NY and two to Osaka/Japan with the girls without help in the last 12 months, so if there is any specific question, you can send me a private message and I can try to help!
When you check in your stroller at the gate, get assurances that you will be able to retrieve it at the plane door at your destination. My friend with twins was not impressed when, upon arrival at London Heathrow alone with two sleeping toddlers, found the stroller had been sent to baggage claim! If the staff are not sure, try to persuade them to stow it in the passenger cabin somewhere and impress upon them why you should be a special case due to travelling with two babies. I think this is only a problem with arrivals at LHR - no problem returning to HKG anyway, and i haven't heard of any other airports where strollers are not automatically returned to the plane door.
Hi there

I have travelled from HK to London and London to Charleston (via NYC) with my twins who were then 2 months old. It was relatively easy becasue we had my mum with me, they were small and had a bassinet each.

We will be going back to UK for X'mas and they will be 9 months old. We have bought an extra seat but should we be using a car seat or something in the airplne seat? I'm not sure how secure it will be for a 9 month old.

Any tips much appreciated.

We've always had seats for our twins but before they turned 2, my husband and I held each of them with child seatbealt attached to ours during take off and landing and we also used bassinet as much as we could. We never used carseats in the planes as they are just too bulky to carry around - besides, you have soooo much to carry with you when you are traveling with twins. Having extra seats do help because you can just pur a lot of things there (again, loads of things to carry with you) especially on a full flight and they can sit there on their own while the plane is cruising, but not during the take off and landing.
darn, just posted a reply and it got lost on me...anyway here goes again!

Amy - Are you flying with BA? If yes, they have the car-type seats available to use, which get securely strapped to the bassinet shelf. On my way to the UK, they only had one of the cot-style ones available so one of my 4-month old twins had to use the car-type ones. I would have preferred her to be flat really becuase I was concerned about her back for 12 hours in the other type, but they assured me that they had been tested for such use.

I would say for older babies they would be ideal as there is no restrictions to length. She actually slept in it quite well (better than I thought she would).

Hope this helps.