Toddler touching his genital


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My son is about 2.5 year old and it all started around 1 month ago, he seems to like touching his genital and rubbing it against either my leg or the floor. At first it lasts for 1-2 hours and I can easily distract him, now it becomes his habit and he cannot stop unless I pull him out to do something else. If I leave him alone, he can continue doing it without stopping. This really bothers me, he seems to enjoy it so much. Have any parents out there observed this kind of behaviour on their toddlers?? How long will it last or will this ever go away when they grow up?? In fact, I took him to see a doctor and that doctor only replied that it is completely normal and didn't offer me any suggestions to stop this except only to distract him everytime. Please share with me your experiences. Thanks a lot.
Hi there, my son is only 15 months and I haven't had that problem yet but I remember visiting my cousins and my 4 year old cousin would touch his genitals and they had to constantly remind him not to do it. I have also seen other kids do it, I guess you should keep distracting him and it will be tough for him to fully stop but eventually he'll get the hang of it.
My friend?s son enjoyed touching himself, especially when bored waiting in his pushchair. My friend kept reminding him that this was something that you do by yourself in the bathroom and not in public. I liked this approach because you don?t want children to think their natural and normal behaviour is wrong but on the other hand there are expectations from society too.
I also noticed my 2 years old son touching his genital few weeks ago. I have recently been potty training him and initially I thought because it's itchy, that's why he keeps scratching and touching it, so I start to wash the genital very often but he still continue till now.
"society" says it's bad... toddlers don't give a hoot about what "society" says....

it feels good, that's why he's doing it. all you can do is continue to distract him...and remember, try not to make him think what he is doing is bad or dirty... just not acceptable in public...

good luck!
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Don't worry about your son touching himself : ) because according to Psychology he is going through the Oeudipus stage which states that he is sexually attracted to his mother however as he carries on to develop cognitive abilities he will gain gender identification from your husband. Most children will go through this phase!

: )
Touching their genital part is absolutely normal at their age.
My son is 28months old and he also likes to touch it, i do remind him it's very shameful to touch it. Somemore, I told him "bird bird" is for peeing and not for touching. At first he still touching it without my bothered, but it gradually decreased the touching when i stop reminding him. Kids are like this, they do tremendously and purposely when you keep reminding them, they shall forget it when you don't bother them. Have a good try!
i don't know that i would tell him to be ashamed of his penis... just that it isn't polite to touch it in front of others...
its natural. children love exploring things. for most of your childs life his willy has been hidden inside a nappy. when he starts wearing pants he discovers it, and whats more it feels nice when he touches it. Please dont tell your child that it is dirty or shameful, this will only serve to mess him up when he is a teenager and having proper urges to touch it. Insted tell your child that it is fine, but that people dont need to see him do it. if he wants to do it he can do it in his room. But if it is more of an absent minded fiddling, just distract him. dont even mention his willy and say insted "come and play with the cars" or "draw a picture". give him something else to do with his hands!!!
And so begins a boys love affair with his penis. My little boy is just as bad. Am a teacher and have had five year old girls doing this in class. Then it is a worry but 2 and 3 is normal. Very irritating though, I have to say.