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Sophie vB

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We arrived in HK 2 weeks ago and move into a flat in Tai Tam next week. Are there any Mums out there in this area who would like to get together for coffee/chaos with me and my 22 month old son? And/or any suggestions of toddler activities would be MOST welcome! Thank you.
Why don't you join the coffee group in H/Valley


Why don't you join the coffee group they seem to be starting in Happy Valley

Its not that far from Tai Tam and I live closer to Stanely, so perhaps we could convince them to meet at Stanley occassionally.

My boy is 19mths
Good Idea

Hi Kiwiana

That sounds like a good idea. Have you joined already? If you fancy getting together for us and our boys to meet just send a private mail.
I live in stanley and have a 2 year old daughter.........i would love to meet up with you guys too!!
Have been off line for over a month, moving etc ...... but would love to meet you and your daughter. Send a private mail and lets pick a date.

I've just moved to HK a week ago moved to Stanely. I have a 9 month old daughter - probably a bit young to play your boys but would love to catch up for coffee.