Swimming Lessons


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Not sure where to post this.... but anyway.

I want to get my daughter in swimming lessons at the public pool in Sai Kung. Was just wondering where I could find the information on this?

how old is your daughter? i would LOVE my two kids to do lessons... my son is 4 and my daughter is 2. maybe we could share a teacher?

we're in sai kung, too.
nothing for children less than 9 years in sai kung.... or tseung kwan o for that matter... at least not that i can see.

thanks for the link anyway, rani!
carang... I know of one teacher who was willing to do small groups though I don't know the cost. I'll send her an email and then let you know. What are the ages of your children and what would their swimming level be? My daughter is almost 4 but would be a beginner.
my son is 4yr3m and my daughter is 2yr3m but they are both beginners. my son is very afraid of putting his head under the water....
when you find out the price, please do let me know. we could work it out on a per child basis and then i pay for 2 and you pay for 1. that would work great for me!
baby private swimming class at TKO public swimming pool

hi SK/TKO mommies,

i plan to start a swimming lesson from the week of June 22, 09. the swimming coach can start a course with min. 4 babies. any mommies interested on Wed or Thurs morning, around 10:30am or 11am? pls pm me, thank you. My daughter is 14mths old.

thanks, but TKO is too far in case my helper has to take the kids. we live way out in SK country park. it takes us over 30 minutes to drive to TKO but if my helper ever had to do it by bus, we'd be in trouble... not to mention that my son is in school until 12pm.
I am also interested in any swimming lessons in the SK area... I have a 4 year old son (not at all frightened of the water but really needs to know what he's doing to be safe!) and a 2 year old daughter who is a complete beginner.