Summer programs for 3 year old


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I am having our second child right at the time my very active son breaks for summer holidays from preschool July & August. I am looking to give him something fun to do, cooking, sports, etc a couple of mornings a week, (not a school based 5 days a week), with Nana or our helper so his 2 months focus is not just on the new baby and I can recover from a C section. YWCA times are terrible, classes start at 4.30pm, he is normally in the bath by 5.30 - 5.45 , so AM's are essential. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.:woman
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Kid's Gallery has a pretty comprehensive program. ESF has sports camp 9am~12 for 6 weeks until August 10 (you can register per week). Tutor Time also has a fun summer program (weekly themes include cool cooking and amazing trek), and they are very flexible about how many days you go a week.
ESF Sports Camp

ESF offers a sports camp for children as young as 3. I think at your son's age, it would mornings only. They also have individual sport camps but I don't remember off-hand whether your son would be old enough. Early registration has passed, but they are still taking regular registrations.
Sorry, I didn't see syuan's message about the sports camp until after I had posted.

We won't be in here for most of the summer, but what we are doing is hiring a private swim instructor for my son and splitting the cost with a friend (during the week that we will be here). Private lessons can have up to 2 students. It works out to about as much as a normal lesson, but accommodates your schedule. You might look into this if your son likes to be in the water. Also through ESF; their Tadpoles class is great.
Has anyone done the summer camps at ESF? Do the 3-4 year olds go unaccompanied? Can they change from their swim wear to sports wear on their own? It's also 3 hrs, I don't think I could sit for that long if I were to accompany my child.
My son went on one of those ESF sports camp at SIS last year. He just turned 4 then, yeah, he could managed pretty much on his own, I am sure there were staff to help them fixed their clothes if need be (just a guess). He had a really good time and may be joining a full day one on a specific sport this time round. Not a problem at all.
My son is 3.5yrs and would like to send him to the ESF sports camp. could anyone tell me how to go abt in registering?
Hi all, THe ESF sports camp is great. My son (4 yrs 9 mths) is in the 5-6 year old group and is having a blast. About half the kids are not accompanied but its ok cos there are 2 coaches per group of max 24 kids. For swimming, there are 4 coaches plus 2 life guards. Also, 1 coach stays in the dressing room to make sure the kids are changed, have their gear with them, etc. It looks pretty full so do give them a call to see if there's still room.