Summer Holiday Indoor Fun!


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Hi mums.

I came acros the following advice for indoor activities during the summer holidays on an Aussie website. Good for rainy days too.

1. Go to the local library ? they often have lots of different activities specially set up for children in the holidays. Even if they don?t you can stock up on books, games, magazines and videos.

2. Go to an indoor pool ? children love the idea of swimming even if it is cold. (It's winter in Oz now... but if you have an indoor pool on a rainy day, it's a great idea!)

3. Do some baking ? Make a cake, bake some biscuits. Let the children be involved. Let them be in charge of dinner one evening. Be prepared for a bit of mess and lots of FUN. (Tidying up is fun too! I've discovered that my son loves helping around the house... and we sing a tidy up song)

4. Make and play a game ? make a board game and then teach the children how to play it.

5. Have a disco ? invite some friends over, put on some music, set up the lights and dance up a storm.

6. Create an obstacle course ? use pillows, blankets, tables, chairs etc, to create a course for children to climb over, crawl under and through.

Have you got any other ideas for that really hot and sticky summer's day or that downpour?