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Hi, does anyone know where I can buy a Thomas the Tank Engine suitcase. My son wants one for his birthday on the 14th and I'm having a hell of a job finding one.:thanks :flower:
try Lei Yuen West Street in Central. I think I saw one there last week. it's not in the shops. it's one of those stalls where they sell Thomas, Dora, Princess, T-shirts. they have a line of cartoon suitcase lined up on the floor.
think I saw one at Toys Club in Central (15/F, 8 Queen's Road Central) but in case I was dreaming you ought to call them instead of taking my word for it!

2836 0878 (not sure if this is the Central or Ap Lei Chau shop)
The Thomas shop in Tung Chung and at Terminal 2 in the aiport has a small suitcase that can be pulled with a handle- one that could also be taken hand luggage.
Thank you for the suggestions. Toys Direct to your door, i've used before. Very good, but a bit pricey! I'll try Toys Club, although I didn't see one in there, but you never know.

Can you tell me exactly where Lei Yuen West is.

originally we got ours at Marks & Spencers, cost $250 if I remember correctly. they didn't have it anymore. got another one at Stanley for someone else's birthday, was much cheaper.
Li yuen west street is in central perpendicular to queen's rd central & des voeux rd central. a small shopping street across the street from H & M in central. i'm quite sure it'll be cheapest at Li Yuen west street, but they might not be as safe.