Suggestions for toddler activities in KL?


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I am traveling to KL in a few weeks with my 27 month old. Anyone have recommendations of good toddler activities? I haven't been there in probably 10 years. I read through other posts and some mentioned a park downtown with wading pool/waterfall. I have also heard there is a butterfly park. Any information on these or suggestions of good things to do?

Try Sunway Lagoon.. will be fun for you & your toddler. Though try to plan for a whole day stay @ the park should you go there. It has a section for dry activities & another for wet activities.
That park with the wading pool also has several, large playgrounds. Our kids had a blast in KL because of it.
The park is right outside the Petronas Towers; so Petronas Towers on one end, a mall on one end, there is also a mosque and an aquarium, plus a convention center and a Shangri-la Traders Inn.
Thanks for the suggestion of the water play area outside the Petronas Towers. It was FANTASTIC! I can't believe HK doesn't have something as simple as this. We went there both mornings we were there and my daughter loved it. The water is only 6 inches deep so she could splash around in it and I could just wade in after her. And its set in the middle of a beautiful park with a great playground (as long as you can take the heat!)

FYI for anyone in KL with kids, highly recommend this. It's meant for kids up to 12.