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Hi Geobaby Members,

I've been in HK two years now with two young dependents. My husband and I are salaried employees and have a relatively comfortable pay and lifestyle, but both of us (more him than me) don't feel terribly excited by what we do and are thinking of setting up our own business, we are still at the exploratory stage at this moment. Both of us are on work visas to be based here.

Would be interested to here from you all out there:

1. Is it relatively easy to set up and run a business as a foreigner here - we are not permanent HK residents and will lose our right to renew our visas once we quit our jobs?
2. We are both English and Putonghua speakers, and speak some Cantonese, but we are not really "integrated" into HK society. Has anyone who tried to set own businesses face hurdles doing so as expats?
3. If any of you have read any books which you felt inspired you/ guided you to starting your own business, grateful if you could share this with me!

I am a relatively conservative person, and know that with risk of loss of income it will no doubt require us to adjust our lifestyles, and I also worry about providing for my two young children. But I guess there is no two ways about it!!

Thanks alot in advance!
Hi, interest to know that you have interest to set up yr own business. Actually I have started mine a few months ago.. quite exciting. Free to manage my time to take care my kids while the potential is huge. Let's share more about our latest experiences and you can contact me thr my email [email protected].