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HAi moms,

My son is 2yrs and 4 months old.
For the last two weeks we have been noticing a slight squint in his eyes now and then.His eyes move outwards.

We went to an opthalamologist-Dr.Godfrey Lam.He was recommended to us by Dr.Candy Chan.
Both are good doctors,we feel.

He says this can come as a result of fever.Said that my sons brain is not able to control the eyes....And he did have fever for quite some time too.

He advised an exercise as there is nothn else that can be done now.And to follow up after 3 months of exercise.
Its not obvious at all but we do notice it now and then.

Has anyone come across such a case?Squint coming in one fine day?
What did u do then?Is there anythn else we can do or should do?

We are hoping that he will be alright with the exercises.......Any suggestions/advices/comments are welcome and appreciated.

Thankyou all.

hope your little guy is doing better. Haven't heard of this before. Do keep us posted on his progress.

best of luck!