Speech Delay?

It must be distressing to you but I assure you it is not abnormal. I know my cousin didn't say his first word till he was 3 ! He just pointed at things and my aunt was sure he wouldn't. Took him to doctors etc but they couldn't find anything wrong. And then everything was fine when he turned 3.
If you want you can rule out anything that might cause speech problems by visiting the doctor. Does he respond to you when you talk to him..does he seem to have hearing problems ? Does he otherwise make himself understood when he wants something ? Does he babble ?
I have also found from experience that some children delay speaking because they can get what they need making noises and pointing; in their eyes 'what is the need for speech?'. I would reiterate a trip to the doctors to rule everything out and put your mind at rest. In the mean time sing him lots of songs and explain everything that is going on in words, so that he not only gets used to the words for things but also the patterns in language. Hope that helps

Neither of my boys spoke before they were two but they can both talk OK now. I was lucky and didn't worry because my brother also didn?t speak before he was two and so I had this role model for my sons.

My youngest child also didn?t speak much as a two year old but she walked at nine months. Her best friend was just the opposite by two she was talking in sentences but didn?t walk until she was 18 months. Now they are both four years old and both can walk and talk ? non-stop sometimes!

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Hi Moms,

Thank you so much for all the answers, I was very very worry...I know all the kids are develop different ways...this is my story begins, around this summer, we went home to US for a holiday, one day, a friend of mine came to visit us, and when she called my son, he did not responded to her, so she asked me, is my son has autism, because he was play alone and did not give her any eye contact. And then I was terrified, I was stressed and begin paranoid, I went to library and internet to search all about the autism...until we came back to Hong Kong and I took him to a doctor, we got my son's hearing test, it was normal. And then we were referral to Speech therapist for 3 classes already. A bit progress on babbling. I read a lots of books to him, plays games and labeling some words...My son goes to playgroup 3 times a week, he is doing fine. He likes painting, music and a very affectionate little boy and a very gentle to others as well. BUT he does not much pointing on things and give us very little eye contacts. He loves play with daddy and he comes to me when he need something...other than that, He is eating very healthy, and he was breastfed till 7 months old. He plays well himself and with others. He was walking by 9 months old. Everybody has been telling me that early walker will be talk later.... I don't know. I wish I could help him...BUT how???

(BTW, sorry for my poor English....)
I don't know anything about speech delay, and my son's only one year old. He can say only about 8 words. The rest is babbling.
I want to share about making eye contact. This is what works for us. Whenever I want him to look at me, I just say to him, "Andrew, look at mama." Then I'll wait for him to look at me and then tell him what I want. Or, if he's still busy with something and I want his attention on me, I'll pick him up and put him in front of me while saying "look at mama." It takes a while but now every time I say "look at mama," he'll look at me.
Hi Discovery Bay,
I'm sorry to hear that you are so worried. I'm not sure how helpful your friend was for suggesting that your son may be autistic. I am a primary school teacher with 11 years experience and have worked with many autistic children. It is very rare for an autistic child to be identified just because they don't give you eye contact. There are alot of things to look out for (there is alot of information on the internet). Autism is a complex disorder that shows itself in many different ways, from children who have a mild case who get confused in social situations to children who cannot deal with interactions with others and actually have quite violent rages. There must be some information about autism in Hong Kong: I seem to remember reading an article in the free DB magazine from a mother of an autistic child so it might be worth hunting through past copies of this.

Again from my teaching experience and my own two, children often don't look at you because they are engrossed in something else. I remember my husband questioning whether our son was deaf because he didn't respond to him clicking his fingers. I was frantic and carried my son in to the kitchen and scared him to death by crashing the pots around to see if he could hear them.

I know it's easy to say don't worry. You seem to be doing all the right things. I would just keep going. My own brother didn't speak properly until he went to school at the age of 5, when he had to speak to make himself understood.

Hope that helps


D sounds very similar to your son. He started sitting (5months) and walking (11 months) early, and is only now trying to talk at 2 years and 4 months. So your theory on early walker, late talker may be right. Also he gets so engrossed in playing with his cars/trucks he totally ignores us. His teacher at playgroup noticed this too and makes eye contact with him first before instructing him to do something. Now he's so excited to learn new words, he's always asking us what things are and tries to repeat the new words. So please don't worry your son will soon be doing the same soon. Hang in there!

I also think most boys are lazy and if they can get away with pointing etc they will....my 2 cents.
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Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and lots of support. I really appreciated.
Well.. I will keep on reading, play games. The bottom line is, I just wanted my son healthy and happy! My son kissed on my lips this morning, my heart melts...

We are taking my son to the beach in Thailand the following next week for his 2nd birthday.....Can't wait.

sign language

I found that teaching my son sign language helps us to communicate better. You can read an article about it in:
I started teaching sign when my son was 7 months old, and now he can sign 38 signs (he's 12 months now). He started talking when he was 6 months old, but till now can only say 8-10 words, so the signs help a lot. He can ask for food (bread, cheese, cookie), he can tell us (butterfly, airplane, train, shoes, etc) when he sees them. And he still like to babble and sometimes try to imitate the words we say.
There're a lot of books abt this, too. So you can find them in the Internet.
We taught D a few signs as well, but just the basic feeding signs - more, water, milk and finish. We started at 6 months and at 7 or 8 months he was able to communicate with us using them. I only wish we had taught him more cos we never thought he'd be a late speaker.

Would recommed Joseph Garcia's signing kit -


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My son did not start talking until he was almost 2.5 yrs. Now he is 3 and we cannot stop him talking. Just keep talking and reading to your son, I am sure he is absorbing it all and one day everything will "spill" out from his mouth.
I use Joseph Garcia's book, too.
Reading also helps.
I taught my son to call me "mama", and his first word was:"mama" (6 months). Around this time we read 1 book abt baby monkey, inside there was a word:mommy. Andrew surprised us when one day he called me "mommy!" (around 8 or 9 months). Now he still call me "mama", but once in a while he'll call me "mommy."
So, just keep on talking, reading, singing, etc.
Hi Mom's & Jools,

We just got back from HuaHin - Thailand...It was such fun and my son Erik won't stop playing around the beach and at the pool. I sent some his home meals recipes to the hotel for the room service requested, it worked really well...AND he was bubbling non-stop, it was not clear words at all...BUT I can tell he wants to communicates with us, he looked at me and started BABABABABABAB and NANANANANAN...at the same time, I was non-stop talking to him and singing to him. Macdonald Farm, Twinkle Star, Humpty Dumty and ABC...) and I took some mini play dough for him, he DID came to me with play dough and put it on my hands, he did not talk at all, BUT he did looked at me. His eyes were telling me to open it...I am so excited!! I wish I can send you all some pictures that I took for him on Elephant riding and Baby Monkey feeding...

Oh, by the way, I just ordered the book Joseph Garcia's signing kit -


Thank you all so much for the cheerful information and support.

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Hi DiscoveryBay,
That's fantastic news, I'm so pleased for you. It sounds like you got so much pleasure from your interactions whilst on holiday and there was real communication going on. Children are this little for such a short space of time; you enjoy your son, every smile, babble and look is so precious.


P.S. Good idea to send recipies to the hotel for room service, I shall remember that for the next time we are on holiday.
Have fun signing! Even my husband & my mom have learned a few signs, and I can tell that they have fun, too.
Another fun thing to do: every meal time I put on some children cd and then sing with the cd to my son. I make faces, clap hands, etc. Sometimes he follows my actions, sometimes he takes the inisiative to lead (clap hands, applause, etc). He enjoys it so much that every time we put him in his highchair, the first thing he'll do is to ask for music! We play the same cd for several days, because children learn by repetition.
There are good articles abt learning from Parents magazine:
3 and still not talking???

Hi, I was reading these posts and had questions for myself. My son is 3 and he still doesn't talk either. I don't know what to do, he is a smart boy but just doesn't talk. I read to him and me and my husband try to get him to talk but he doesn't. He does try to pronounce some words but can't really say it clearly. Any advice???
My son is 23 mth and he does not talk except for a few single words.

I have done some reading myself and apparently

(1) crawling and walking helps to develop the brain which eventually will lead to speech and all sorts of good things
(2) speech therapist asks me to start with basic sounds, such as diphthongs and build on
(3) heavy metal is a speech impairment so get the child checked out
(4) of course, more interaction, such as reading etc

I am trying to do the above.

Also, I found that my son stares at other 2 yo when they talk. So I organise some kids to come to our place on regular playdates and hopefully my son will feel like talking.

Hope this helps.


Hi Jools and moms,
We just had him check with specialist in New England Child Medical Center in Boston while we were home this summer....I had a tough time and still struggling to help my son when he ddiagnosed as a PDD-NOS....and the 3 doctors from all different specialist were at the rooms at same time to monitor my son with us in Boston had told us, no matter what kind of diagnosed for the children's between speech delay, or any developmental delay, the therapies are all same. It called ABA therapy. Floor time...
I bought the DVD for enhance to get him engage with his speech and others, It called. Bumble Bees vocabulary builder. and its great!! Normally the DVDs or cartoon are one way communication, But I found this one is different. I am watching with him every 30 min a day and a floor time.

If you need more information or wants to sharing same type of experiences , please call me or email me directly. I bought the books over in Boston as recommended by the doctors and therapist, which needs to be educated my self in order to help my child. Therapist is the must, because the earlier to get him engage is the better for the child. I just want to help my son to get his life back!!

My email is [email protected] and the number is 9092-8468