Specialist Multiples Maternity Nurse


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I am an international Maternity Nurse with over 30 years experience (qualified) working worldwide with single and multiple birth mothers and their babies. Through many years of working in private homes I can offer practical tips and advice as well as offer support either in person or via Skype.

Sometimes, as a first time parent, just knowing what is normal and what needs attention relieves the stress and allows you to really enjoy caring for your little ones. I truly understand your concerns and am able to listen to you whilst helping you to understand your babies individual demands too.
I offer practical advice concerning:
- Nursery equipment and nursery layout
- Simultaneous breastfeeding
- Flexible routines
- Sleep issues and appropriate settling methods towards healthy sleep practices
- Baby led weaning
- Sibling rivalry and jealousy issues
- Travelling with multiples
- Hygiene and laundry care etc.

Verifiable references are available from satisified clients.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information [email protected]


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