SOS!! First time flying with 2.5month old & BF in public!


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Hi there,

I've got two issues that I need to deal with.

I'm about to take my 2.5 month old baby for a short flight - a.l.o.n.e. Needless to say, I'm pretty daunted by the entire logistics!

What would I need to bring (gone a whole week)?
The flight's about an hour and a half.

Bubs is breastfed, and only bottled fed occaionally with EBM.

The next thing is I"m terrified of BF in public! I can't seem to get over my fear and this hurdle.

I've only breastfed him in nursing rooms when we're out. My few attempts to BF him in public were disasterous! He tends to:
a. choke on my letdown
b. cries and needs to be burped halfway
c. screams if he's not fed in time

and therefore, unlatching himself very suddenly and leaving me all exposed!!

I'm a very modest person and feel rather uncomfortable about breastfeeding in public. What can I do to overcome this?

I'm wondering how I am going to BF in on the flight, esp during take off and landing??!


1st, you need a nursing bib (available at bumps to babes, brand "kushies"), there is a button tie to hang the cloth at your neck, so even if bub pulls away from you, the nursing bib is still on your shoulder covering you, and you can see bub thru the neck hole. i find that very helpful when i was nursing on the plane.
2nd, ask for a window seat, first row, so there'll only be 1 person next to you. and you can move about the plane rocking bub without passing other people. (& ask them to inform the air-crew , make a mark at your reservation that you are bringing a 2.5 mths on board, so you'll need extra help)

3rd, nurse him upon take off & landing to help pop ears, and whenever he screams to calm him down. i usually waited until the plane really started accelerating upon take off before i stick bub on the breast. it takes about 10 mins for the plane to be at a level where the pressure is neutralised.

4th, i assume that you wear a nursing bra that is easy to pop open & close.

good luck!
I have done this a lot. I traveled with my son alone when he was an infant and still breast feeding. It is much easier than it seems.

Everything Joannek said is spot on. The window seat is much needed. I would be on flights and nurse my baby 5 or 6 times with a stranger right next to me and he had no idea what I was doing. You can turn your back a bit and turn into the window, it will hide everything. He just thought my baby was sleeping.

Make sure you bring an extra shirt for you in your carry on bag. Since your baby might choke on your letdown or pull off quickly, that can cause wet spots. You might want to consider tops with prints and not solid colors because they hide wet spots better.

I always thought traveling with a b/f baby is easier. You don't have to worry about packing bottles and formula. If your flight is delayed you do not have to worry about how to get more formula if needed or how to warm it. You can feed him anytime he needs.

I didn't have a nursing bib. I actually don't know what that is. I would just use a baby blanket. I would put one corner over my shoulder on the side I was not nursing on and pull it around covering my chest and up to my baby. It was like a tent. That way if he latched off suddenly no one can see.

If there were not any baby feeding rooms in the airport, I would find an empty gate and find a seat that would put my back to the flow of traffic. It worked great.

Good luck and be confident, it is easier that it seems. I have found that people are very helpful and understanding when you are traveling alone with a baby.
I would also suggest practising feeding in public. I didn't used to think I'd be able to do so but now I do it all the time (even once in the MTR as little girl was fussing). Try Pacific Coffee or Starbucks as you'll be surprised I've seen lots of mothers do it there. I used to use a cover but now that I've mastered the technique I don't even need anything to cover except my t-shirt!
just to reassure you, travelling with a young breastfed baby is the EASIEST - as mentioned there is no need for a whole host of bottles/formula/water etc (which is only going to weigh you down given you are travelling alone) and more imptly you can feed baby as and when you want and also as a comforting tool - whenever my son use to fuss on planes, I'd just nurse and there wasn't a squeak from him!! : ) Also at 2.5 months they are small and easy to handle (try at 6-7 months when they want to crawl or at 11-12 months when they want to cruise the aisles)....they'll fit nicely into those plane bassinets (if you have a tall baby, by about 6 months they are very uncomfortable in it cos it's just to short) PERFECT for travelling....I know what you mean about being self-conscious and I think the only thing to do is practice before your flight....and follow the excellent tips provided in this thread....good luck!