Smart English in Yuen Long? Good or Bad?


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Has anyone heard of or has put their child in Smart English in Yuen Long?

I would like to put my 18-month-old in a playgroup/activity in the Yuen Long/Tin Shui Wai/Tuen Mun area. Does anyone know if Smart English is good?

I called to ask about classes and wasn't too impressed with how they handled me on the phone.

The receptionist who picked up was nice but I guess she must have thought her English wasn't good enough so she quickly transferred me to a male English teacher who didn't answer my questions (it seemed like he didn't know what I was talking about) and then abruptly just kinda put down the phone and walked away without explaining. T

Then all of the sudden there was the receptionist back on the line talking to me but I didn't understand what she was saying and I asked to speak to the man again. Then he gets back on the line and tells me, "Hey, I can't talk to you, I'm teaching a class right now." I don't know, the whole thing felt pretty disorganized and a bit rude.

But, there doesn't seem to be much in the way of playgroups for little kids in this area so any suggestions you ladies may have will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
Hi there, we go to Baby Buddies in Tuen Mun and absolutely adore it. Our son has been enrolled since he was 8 months old and we plan to continue up to Step 2. His progress and confidence within the environment has been frankly, exciting to watch as a parent. He's a happy little boy who takes the lead in what he wants to do during free play time, will definitely let me know if he's not in the mood for an arts and crafts project, and always joins in with the songs and actions. Also at 18 months he's just begun to 'play along' with other kids and the freeplay time and exploration stations at Baby Buddies really seems to cater to this. Good Luck on your search! Btw, we live in Yuen Long too - whereabouts are you guys staying?