Slow Motor Development and Hearing problem


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Dear All,
I have a 1 year old baby boy who seems to be slow in his motor development. He just learned to crawl with his belly down and only for a short distance, also he is not able to sit stably for long. I am kinda concern about this. Can anyone advise me any therapy centers (private or public) or good paediatricians in HK can help on this. We just moved to HK thus not really sure what kind of help can we get here (especially public services)?
BTW, the hearing test results for my son also slightly higher than normal (he has a minor cleft palate but already done with surgery). Will this affect his speech capability? Any speech therapy can recommend?

From a very concern mom
where did you deliver? i heard the Matilda has a good baby clinic. in any case, you need to find a good ped for your child. i also recommend Dr. Thondup. if you go to a good ped, i'm sure, he/she can help you.
once you have a HKID card, then you can use the public services virtually free of charge, however i'm not sure what the wait is like.

i know they usually have a developmental test around 6 months. then i think there is another at 12 or 18 months...can't quite remember.

if they find that there is a problem, they will refer you to specialists.
I would recommend you seeing a physical therapist specializing in pediatrics: Physiokids at Physiocentral, Liesbeth Krebbers, 2801 4801. Mobile: 9095 9729.
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Lisbeth at Physiokids is v good. She has a waiting list. Ask her for help in sensory integration. She is also a Samonas therapist.

Seems like your child may have physiological as well as neurological development problem. Traditional paedetrician may not be able to get to the roots and help.

Early intervention is definitely beneficial.

Read up on these websites and if you are interested to know more, pls pm me.

Good luck


Government hospitals have checkups at 12 months also.Cleft Palate my niece had the same issue and did the surgery when she was very young and now she is 18 years old. We were also told about the speech therapy but she didnt have any need for it and she speaks very well and clearly . Best of luck