Sentosa - Rasa Ria vs. Spa and Resort


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Firstly, apologies for asking another "travel destination" question. *blush*

We are thinking of a quick trip to Singapore in the next few weeks (Sanya or Koh Samui may need to wait...), and were wondering if Sentosa Rasa Ria was better or if Sentosa Spa and Resort is better, in terms of beach, rooms, etc.

Thanks so much. :) :)
Sentosa is quite small, can't see the beach being really better at one place or the other. And not really a great beach, anyway.
Our room in Rasa was great. Had an end room with a balcony that wrapped around. But not every room was that way.
Never been to the other place, sorry.

Why not just go to 'real' beach in Johor(Malaysia).Just close border then its cheaper to go there..nice beaches too.
Not from what I remember, but it has been a year or two. How much time will you spend in the room anyway?
If you aren't going for the beach, any hotel in Singapore will do.