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Hello everyone,

I'm moving back to HK and expecting my second baby around March, 2016. I haven't gone to a GP yet as we're still on a holiday until 5th August.

We're thinking of renting a flat in Sai Kung area, because of work and school. There are some questions that I would like to ask hoping that there are some families live in SK in this forum or know well enough to share some information.

1. How difficult to enroll a child into a local kindy? I haven't done any follow up for my daughter schooling yet but I have sent application to Sun Island. I've also emailed the main office but I haven't got any reply:-(

2. I'm thinking of sending my daughter (4yo) to some activities because she'll only be in school for 3 hours. What are the chances of joining kids' activity, for example ballet, swimming or gymnastic. I want to have trials first and decide on the day. Is this a common practice there?

3. Is United Christian Hospital a smaller and less busier hospital than Prince of Wales hospital? If I choose to have my antenatal checks at the Ma On Shan clinic, is this automatically I have to give birth at the PWH?

I think these are not too much to ask. Have a great day:-)