safe products for lips and nail polish for toddlers


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My 3 years old daughter likes to play grown-up- trying on high heels and carrying Mommy's handbags...she has been asking me to use my lipstick and nail polish. I rather not let her use products not specifically made for kids. Can anyone recommend safe lip and nail products made for kids and available in Hong Kong? Thanks!
lip products, burts bee lip balm with color & they great for little hands. as for polish... hm..maybe you can check out bumps to babes. they might have some dress up kit for little girls. usually, products from UK, Europe or the US meet safety standards.
Thanks joannek!

I actually went to Toys r' us today to buy some new toys for my daughter, low and behold, there were VAST amounts of make-up stuff for kids. (Though they are not familiar brand names) I will take your suggestion and make a trip to Bumps to Babes this week sometime, I haven't been there in ages and I have alot of trust in the brands they sell.

Bty, where can I find the Berts Bee products, in Bumps to Babes?
burts bee - distributor at mannings.

but i found this place, they sell "water goods" (imported not by distributor) at "kaam Pak Lei arcade"( i think it's Island Centre in English?), at the corner across the street from Sogo's main entrance. u know the one w/ bauhaus on the g/f. the shop is the first right on 1/f (fr the escalator) i've been buying furturer shampoos from them for over a yr. i saw that they just started selling burt's bee at 30% off.
I am always a little disturbed by very young girls wearing make up, nail polish, tiny pieces of clothing - I cannot help feeling that it contributes to the sexualisation of young children in our society.
Don;t get me wrong - I played with mummy's clothes to dress up when I was young - but activly encouraging me to wear make-up? No way!