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What are your daily routines for babies or toddlers?
what groups do your children go to
And do they go school am and playdates or class pm?
for mothers with toddler & baby how do you share your time with both if one goes to a group?
Hi there! We haven't joined any organized groups as of yet, but looking to maybe do one a week in the new year. I have a 10month old and expecting #2 in April. Right now, we do informal baby groups with friends at least once a week. We get up in the morning between 6-7, then we do breakfast. Sometimes we'll go for a walk, then it's naptime. Lunch is next, then we play at home for a bit, do an afternoon bottle and then either meet friends or go to our clubhouse playroom. Then it's dinner and bedtime routine. I'm not sure how it will be with 2 babies yet, but we'll probably have a helper by then so hopefully one of us can take the older or little one if there is something organized.
For my 2.5 yr old son, he has school 3 times a week (Tues, Thurs and Friday). On Monday he has a swim lesson in the morning and on Wednesday, we usually have a planned playdate with a friend either with me or with my helper. In the afternoons, he has a planned playdate with helper/child every Monday, on Tuesday he has a helper-run playgroup with kids in our building and then on Wednesday he has drop off Mandarin class. Thursday and Friday afternoons are reserved for mommy/son time or free swim. When he was 6-12 months, we had Panda Junction and classes at the American Club in Hong Kong like Kindermusik and then we did Music Together. So I guess 3 structured classes with mommy and then the rest of the mornings/afternoons we did playgroups in our building, playdates walks along the Stanley boardwalk and beach/pool time.

I just had #2, but I imagine since the gap is big enough my elder will be going to more drop-off classes and I will not need to be there. If an adult needs to be there, then my helper will step in for my older one. I prefer going to classes with my baby in the first 12/15 months rather than my helper.
My 21 mth old goes to formal playgroup once a week(Tutortime) in the morning, an informal music playgroup one am, and socatots one am. The other mornings I take him to playroom or to supermarket or local playgrounds. He then naps and have a late lunch at 1:30 or 2 pm. Afternoon is just free play, walk on the beach or play on our complex. One day a week or every other week I take him to "town" like causeway bay or central for lunch and shopping or meeting friends/relative. Also planning to do more excurions in the pm now that it's not hot, like ocean park, Disney, country parks.
I got number 2 coming soon. Plan to stick with current schedule but have dad or helper takes older son to some of the formal activities. While I can perhaps take them both for walks or playground.
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