Regular playgroup, classes or playdates for babies under 12 months old


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Does any one know of any good playgroups or classes for babies 8 weeks up to 12 months old that are held Regularly, e.g. several times a week?
i know plenty...but rather than advertising here, feel free to call me at 92361284 for further chat!

Florence - are you a provider of these classes or group?
Carang - I live in Happy Valley, so pretty central.
there are loads of classes available on hk island.
you can try any of the "gym" classes, JWT, panda junction, little gym, my gym...i believe they take babies under one.

if you want to go further afield than hk island, there's more...
I highly recommend PEKIP! They have classes in Wanchai and also in Stanley. We started when my second one was 5 months and we "graduated" when she turned 1. I will definitely take PEKIP again if ever I'll have #3. :)
I've heard great things about PEKIP, but we also love Panda Junction. My son has been going since 5 months and is now 9 months....