red nappy rash vagina only, 9m


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my baby is 9 months old,
for the last about 3 weeks she has a very red skin area at the from, around her vagina. Inside it looks ok, no discharge or redness. And the bottom is ok.
The poo and urine look ok.
We have tried vaseline and some nappy rash creams, but it tends to go away almost for a few days, then come back for a few days; its not uncomfortable as far as we know.
Any suggestions? could it be thrush?
we at first thought it was due to some poo getting inside the vagina when we were washing the bottom of the baby in a basin... but recently we have been very careful with that and it seems not to be the case. we change the nappies very frequently (hugges).

thanks... lily
Hi, I've used Desitin cream on my baby for diaper rash, and it has been very effective. Other than that, perhaps you want to try to change the diaper brands? Seventh Generation has diapers that are chlorine-free and may be more suitable for babies with sensitive skin?
when your baby sleeps you should let him go diaper-free so that the red area can dry out a bit so it can have a chance to heal. then put the diaper cream as usual after the nap.
All good advice above for a diaper rash- but it sounds to me like there also might be a secondary infection (probably yeast) as 3 weeks is quite a while for a diaper rash. If the rash doesn't go away soon I would probably see a pediatrician just to make sure it actually is a diaper rash and also as some additional treatment may be needed to resolve it .

Here is a link from Seattle Children's Hospital (a respected institution in the US) discussing diaper rash, complications and treatments.
I agree with Elle.

3 weeks is a long time to have a diaper rash. I would give a lot of no diaper time and meet with a doctor about checking for a yeast infection.
thanks all;
we went to the dr and yes they said its a yeast infection.... given medicated cream;
after this they said to use barrier cream until the winter.... seems sensible
My daughter is almost 11 months old, she had rather bad rash once for a few days and we have tried every cream but no use until sudocrem, so please try it. Ever since her last rash, we have been washing her once every morning just to keep the area clean.
Just recently her front area was red we finally found the cause of it, it was the walker that's rubbing her as she walks in it. So, think about the possibilities what else may be causing the redness besides nappy rash.