rainy day activities for active toddler


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we sing, dance, draw, read, jump but the time seems to pass at a crawl. my LO isn't into arts n crafts or sitting still for long periods (unless elmo is on). any other ideas out there?
How about bake a bread or make a waffle. My sons love to get their fingers messy. And you can do it slowly, such as washing their hands, putting on apron, getting the stuff ready, and so on. It can take up or over an hour to finish the whole thing. Hope this will help and have fun!
I usually find a trip to the supermarket helps... Some Wellcomes have baby trolleys that they can push themselves, if I choose the products and give them to my daughter to put into the trolley she feels happy that she is helping Mummy.

Initially, I thought it might backfire and she might start grabbing things from the shelves, but after a gentle talking to the first few times that happened all was OK. She now asks me nearly every day if we are going to the supermarket!

Likewise for the post office. Sometimes I didn't really need to go to the post office as I already had stamps, but I found if I explained that we were going somewhere and that I needed her help she would get interested and it would help to pass the time. I let her post the letters into the box and that catches her attention. We walk there too so she burns some energy on the way!

I find that I go stir crazy if in the house for too long, as does she, but I didn't want to feel it necessary to 'entertain' her every time we went out. I figured if she got interested in day to day chores this would help out on a rainy day when Ocean Park wasn't going to be possible....

Good luck xxx
you should try to just find an indoor playground/gym nearby and let your LO just run around there though you would still need to get out of the house...
I also have an active 3 year old. These are the things we do on rainy days:
wash dishes- he is actually just playing in the water while I wash them around him,
paint- colour with felt markers on paper and paint over with water
cook- as suggested above
take MTR or bus anywhere to walk around- do some small shopping, possibly to do some cooking so they wee the connection
running races, rolling races
just started playing hide and seek- still doesn't get it but he luaghs a lot
building forts or tunnels to crawl through

active things are really hard. We have tried a few of the indoor play rooms at the sports centres(Siu Sai Wan) and with the bus and a bit of running it took some time and used some energy.
thanx everyone for ur suggestions. i forgot to mention that my toddler is 16 mos but physically well beyond what she's 'supposed' to be doing. but i will keep many of these suggestions on a list for when she is older and understands more.

if anyone has any other suggestion, pls keep them coming. much thanx!
Some good activities for a 16 monther are:
1. start teaching them how to follow a simple obstacle course. She can help you set up by moving pillows, pushing chairs etc. Then show her how to go over things, under, through around etc. Also jumping on the couch cushions on the floor and making a cubby house is fun. My son liked to just knock over all the cushions at this age but setting it up, pushing and pulling them then jumping on them used up some energy.
2. Take a tram ride. My 3 year old did it yesterday for the first time and loved it.
3. You can still take them shopping and have her push the cart while you steer.
4. finger painting with shaving foam
5. playing in water either on the kitchen floor or bathroom