push and yell


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My daughter recently like to yell especially when she is unhappy , know this is the way for kids to express their feeling , but seems she cant get rid of this bad behavior once she got upset or when u tell her off she will yell and push u away, that really hurt she go to the maidinstead and dont want her mummy ....even u talk to her gently, she just ignore u and keep crying,any advise for this ? Donno if this is becoz she is in the stage of terrible 2 or just the way she is . I was completely out of idea what to do
i remove my 2 yr old from the situation. i take her to her room and put her on her bed. i tell her calmly that when she's finished she can come out.

after 2-3 minutes, if she is still screaming, i go in and ask her if she's finished yet. if she keeps screaming, i say, "ok, i'll come back again in a few more minutes."

then i do.

when i go back the second time, i ask her if she'd like a cuddle. usually, she says, "yes, please"... i then sit on the bed, she sits on my lap and we cuddle. when she's finished crying, i take her out of her room.

pushing and yelling are not acceptable. of course it hurts if she goes to the helper, but it is natural for her.

one of the most important things is that your helper deals with the same problem in EXACTLY the same way, otherwise, it won't work.

Thanks for the sharing, actually I think my helper is a bit soft to my girl , I did tell her need to do the same as me otherwise my girl will think im not good to her but the helper is, now my girl getting better but again she got another issue jumping around on the sofa! arghhhh its dangerous I dont want to be too harsh to her but i think i need to figure out something to avoid her to gets hurt in somehow.
my kids ALWAYS jump on the sofa. i, generally, dont have a problem with it.

i have explained the dangers to them, but they still choose to do it. i know others are more strict with this....

you have to choose your battles. this is not one that i choose to fight. as far as i know every child, myself included, like to jump...

maybe you could buy her a little trampoline that can fold away... if she wants to jump, you can explain that the trampoline is for jumping, sofas are made for sitting?