preschool location in Kowloon


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For someone living near Olympic or Kowloon MTR station on Tung chung line, any recommendations on preschools nearby for 2.5 year old?

Kindergarten at Olympic

I have a friend who lived at the Olympic station and she sent her son to a kindergarten that was located on the Ground Floor of the housing Estate. It was a local kindergarten, Cantonese medium.

I'm a mother of an 20 month old and thinking of enrolling my son in a pre-nursery school where I live but don't think there are any except the one near Olympian City 1! I live near Olympic station and wondering if anyone knows of any good pre-nursery kindergartens around my area.

my son is attending the parents & toddlers group at the ymca on salisbury rd and it's quite good - i also heard that the toddlers world classes are quite good too but i don't know if the y would be too far for you?
Thanks ggrizzy.

How frequent do they hold these classes and do they have them on Saturdays? How much do the classes cost?

Is there a website I can go to to check out the details?
Thanks for this Rani.

I've looked at the program schedule for YMCA and unfortunately this isn't suitable for me as I'm a working mother. Do you know any Parents and Toddler playgroups that operate during the weekends and early evenings?