potty training

This is something you really need to wait until your child is ready for. For my eldest it was 2.5yrs and just before she started pre-school.

For six months before, we talked about using the toilet and also she watched "Once Upon a Potty" which I bought as a set from Bookazine. It had a video with a corny song, a book and a doll with a potty. I bought the girl version.

Then I also talked about the "Nappy Fairy" who would come to collect all her nappies when she didn't need them anymore. When she could use the toilet all the time during the day, we would put her nappies in a basket at the end of her bed, and during the night the Nappy Fairy would come and take them for a new baby. In return she would leave a gift!

The combination of school to look forward too, the Potty song (she can still sing) and the Nappy Fairy worked for us.
Potty Training

Pee trained both my kids at about 2 years old.

My daughter started at a school and she saw the other kids going and wanted to imitate.

Also tried to do a bit of Pavlovian technique. I noticed she had a tendency to pee when put in her evening bath. So I started putting her on the toilet before the bath and make a phhhhhh sound and also run the faucet a bit. This I hoped helped create an association between peeing and the toilet and the sound.

We also took of her nappy at home in the daytime and kept the potty in the living room and after a few times of peeing down her leg (not very comfortable) she would sometimes go on the potty. Other times I would put her on the toilet every hour or two and make the phhhhh sound and if she did pee, would praise her.

She was mostly day trained in a couple of weeks.

Poop took longer w/ her.

My son (contrary to what the books say) trained earlier. He was about 22 months. I did the same thing w/ him (peeing before the bath, making the sound, etc.). Instead of leaving him bare-bottomed, I put him in underwear because w/out undies it would have just sprayed around.

Poo training was also quick with him. He usually had a movement in the morning, so we started sitting him on the pot for it. He was fully daytime trained by the time he was two.

Also the video "Once Upon a Potty" was fun and a little useful.
I'm trying to potty train my son who is now 2 yrs and 4 mths old. For some reason he is terrified of the potty. Have never forced him and due to the fear am putting if off further. I take him to the bathroom to pee at regular intervals and he likes to stand in the tub and pee. But suggest sitting on the potty and all hell breaks loose !
Maybe he likes standing while he pees?

Sometimes I would hold my son up while he peed in the toilet. Also, we had a stool for him to stand on to pee, and to balance his feet on while he poo'd (this was after he got used to poo-ing in a potty on the ground).

So, try and see if you can hold him up in front of the toliet when he pees.
Thanks Loupou, I've tried that too. I have a small stool in the bathroom and the soft toilet seat that you place on the normal sized toilet. Tried both..making him sit on the toilet is a frightening experience for him despite showing him a "potty traning book" - he loves that book though. Calls it his potty book. But he won't sit. So I tried making him stand on the stool to pee into the toilet but no that scares him too. He has always been afraid of bathrooms from a very young age. When we went on holiday to Singapore in Jan...getting him into the hotel bathroom was a nightmare even with all his familiar bath toys and soap. When we visited back home it took him a week to go into the bathroom without a fuss.

I toilet trained my girl at 22 months. Used Gina Ford's "Potty Training in One Week". Worked well for me (Kris was indeed trained in one week). Hard work for the first few days though. So must pick a week when you and the little one can fully devote the time and focus on the training.

GF points out signs to look for in terms of readiness. Go through the checklist. If the little one is not ready, wait.

Good luck!

Lai San
Success :)

Last week my son agreed to stand on a footstool and peed standing into the toilet. Just two days later he agreed to sit on the potty :) Now it's a ritual he loves...pee and then flush by himself and then wash hands.

I guess we just have to wait until they are ready ! Now the next step is poo. One step at a time !

My son is 24 months old & displays all the signs of being ready to potty train...but he refuses to sit on the big potty...

Like scr child...

IF i even mention the potty to him he say no...I've being trying to ask him why he' scared of the potty & he always tells me that there is water inside...I'm guessing he's scared of the flush....

I don't want to rush him & put any pressure on him...just wondering will my son ever be potty trained....

The daipers barely fit him any more....

1) Get him used to using a small pot that he can sit on the floor and use

2) Let him straddle the toilet (facing the cistern) to pee or poo. He can use his hands to balance and that might give him a better sense of control over the situation.

3) Hold him in your arms (your arms around his chest) or have him stand on a stool to pee into the toilet.

Good luck!

He's still young. I tried to potty train D shortly after his 2nd bday and he wasn't interested. We tried again a few months later, he would scream everytime I showed him a brief and insisted on wearing a diaper. So we left him and tried again at 2 yrs 8 mths whe he was home for Easter break. Within 2 weeks he was potty trained.
I plan to do the same with my son, he is 2 years and 7 months and has just started showing signs of "readiness". He goes to a kindy and is away from home on most days so I plan to wait till summer break so that we have 1-2 weeks of training only.
My son is 3.5 and totally P.T trained during the day and has been for nearly a year but still wets at night. I asked his Doc and he said if he is a sound sleeper it might take quite awhile for him to learn. Any ideas how to get him to wake at night to wee? We already limit fluids in the afternoon/evening, and praise him in the am for drier Pull Ups, any other ideas?

I'd like to ask the same question as Loon's, since my daughter is 4.5 yrs and wearing Pampers pull-ups XL. I wake her up every night to the toilet before I sleep but she still wets her pull-up in the morning, because she sleeps very sound. And Pamper's has recently reduced it's 32 package to 24, but keeps the same price.:tantrum:
My daughter was like this for some years. Our paed. said in some kids it takes a while for the hormone that makes your body hold in pee at night to start being secreted from the brain.

What we did was:

1) Stop fluid in-take w/in one hour of bedtime (at that point she went to bed at about 7:30pm)

2) Every night before we went to bed (~10:30 or 11:00) we would get her out of bed, take her to the toilet for a pee-pee and then put her back in bed.

We did this for about 3 years, maybe more.
My daughter is nearly 3 and has went from nappies to the big toilet (by passing the potty), but still asks for a nappy to poo. I know she can poo on the big toilet because she has done so on a few occasions, but it seems like she hasn't got the patience to sit on the toilet.

I'm I right in thinking that this is just a passing phase that she will grow out of?
Thanks, Loupou. That means I'll have to wait.

Btw, Rani, I can't find the normal smile smilie sign used within the text.
loupou said:
What we did was:

2) Every night before we went to bed (~10:30 or 11:00) we would get her out of bed, take her to the toilet for a pee-pee and then put her back in bed.

We did this for about 3 years, maybe more.

....so, how old was your daughter when she actually got up to pee on her own?

My daughter is 3y 9m now, but still occasionally wets the bed. Now I put her back on pull-on nappy. 'Cause there are days she'll stay dry until the next morning, but there are also days that we have to wash her bedsheet 3 days in a row :bawling:

We'd tried 'your' technique (of waking her up before we turn in) for a while, and she was dry. So after a few months, we stopped waking her up. But, I think, she sort of relied on us to wake her up to pee.
FYI, we've also limited her drink before bedtime.

Her sister was totally off-nappy when she's 3y 6m. I know I shouldn't compare, but......:eyesroll:
Thanks for the advice, I will try to wake him before we go to bed but will hope he just grows out of this phase.

Joyce-my son was the same way would not poo on the potty, in fact he would ask for a Pull Up to take a poo in, it drove me crazy, but people had told me it was just a phase and in truth it was. It lasted for about 6 months after he was fully pee potty trained. One day he just did it on the potty and that was that. Now we just have to tackle the nights and we will be set :)
The last couple of nights D has refused to wear a diaper at night. I've been taking him to the loo before I go to bed, which is quite late (12) and so far we haven't had any accidents. I'm just worried once it gets warmer it will be difficult to control his fluid intake in the evening and we might have a few accidents.