Potty training - help?


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Need any advice, tips, 'been there, done that', comments on how to go about this... pleaseeee :)

Thank you!
so try and sit him on it, get him used to it etc... thing is we have the toilet training seat and he will quite happily go if put on it, but when asked 'do u need to...?' he says no...

all the time...

Hes 2 1/2 now so would like him to be trained soon as he will b starting preschool , altho not rushing him AT ALL..

I've heard stories that some children potty train quickly when ready..

so finding it hard to know what to do :(
Yes, my son is 10 months and in the recent two weeks, he is able to show sign when he needs to poo-poo. We've started to train him to sit on a potty since he's 7-8 months. Initially I put him on the potty once in the morning, once before lunch and once in the afternoon.. At first he refused to sit on it and just cried and struggled to get up so I tried to distract him by offering him something 'interesting' (e.g. a rattle, a book, a tramboline, rice crackers, bread... you name it) After a week, he stopped protest and was willing to sit there for awhile. Of course, sometimes he only had patience there for 1 minute then wanted to get up so I just pick him up and give him a big cuddle/kiss. Never 'force' him to sit longer than he wants to!

Less than a week I managed to predict his poo schedule, i.e. normally before lunch at around 11ish. So I sit him on his potty every 2-3 hours - just make it regular for him. Now, when he wants to poo, he just crawls to the potty and grabs it. He is yet able to give sign when he needs to wee... I'm not in a hurry, I think he's done well already~~

You may let your baby 'play' with the potty now and again (of course after thoroughly cleaning it!) in order to get him familiar with the thingy he is required to sit on.... I am planning to train him on a real toilet when he reaches 18 months....

Perhaps I am lucky but my experience with potty training on my son wasn't that difficult. Good Luck!
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We did a combination of elimination communication and the Baby Signs Potty Training Program. My son was potty-trained for poo-poo by 11 months old. We were on a trip and he indicated that he needed to go and we asked him to "hold" until we got back to the hotel (5 minutes away) and he was able to do so. Pee-pee was a bit longer While he was dry by day very soon, but he was only totally potty trained (dry by night, too) only at 2 years and 3 months. My girl is also fully potty trained around the same time. She started indicated needing to go potty after watching the Baby Signs Potty DVD that came with the kit.

Also, what helped for us was that we used those soft potty seats that you put on top of the toilet instead of using the potty itself. They found the plastic too hard, I think.
her child is 2.5 years, i think she's moved well beyond signing and elimination communication...

first off: relax...
1)some kids do it quickly and early
2) some kids do it slowly and early
3) some do it quickly and late
4) some do it slowly and late

my son was #1. he pretty much trained himself before he was 2 (pee & poop). my daughter, on the other hand was a mix of #3 & #4... she wasn't all that interested in going to the toilet and we tried for almost a YEAR!!! finally, when she was ready she did it... she now goes on the big toilet, with no kid seat... she's just turned 3yr2m! so she's about 14 months behind where her brother was.

my son was night-trained by about 3.5yrs... dont' know when we will start with her at night time.
How to start training for night time and when do we know she's ready for night time? My girl is trained during the day but she still wears a diaper during nap and night time sleep
Fennho - If she has gone for a couple times with a dry nappy during the night, it's time to take the nappy off (and cross your fingers). That's when we have the reward chart out. One 'smiley face' for every dry night.
You can make one yourself. Our kids would 'help' make the smiley face themselves and that was a quite a treat for them.

I can email our blank chart to you if you are interested.

Also, even with the nappy on, we made sure that they go pee before bedtime.

Good luck. :)
My daughter is 25 months old and since past 4-6 months we put her on the toilet seat every morning as soon as she wakes up and she poops 99% of the times. If she doesn't poo in the morning I look out for signs that she needs to go during the day and put her on again at that time. This has made her poo time more regular, earlier she used to poo several times during the day but now only once in the morning or occasionally in the day also. She has a good breakfast too that ways as her tummy is empty. We are now trying to make her pee in the toilet also, which is sometimes successful.
You could also try books or DVD's on the subject. We got Elmo and it surely made an impact too. Try taking a book along or sing or engage in conversation so that your son's attention is diverted. It takes lots of patience initially. Good Luck.
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Also make a big fuss if he does poo in the toilet, and reward him with a sticker or snack or something. But be VERY consistent, not pressurizing him but trying everyday to make him sit on the toilet seat and encouraging him.
i never went in for the "putting the kid on the toilet" as i felt that part of toilet training was for the child to learn the signs that they need to wee/poop...
Thanks for all the comments...actually it's going well, he will sit on his toilet seat and does a wee each time which I reward with a sticker.. He jus needs to tell me himself when he needs to go! But I make a fuss (positive) of him going to the bathroom which he loves. Fingers crossed!!!
Hi all,

My dgtr does the pee-pee well at preschool, but when she is home, she totally forgets about it.Moreover, she still doesn't accept having per poo-poo inthe potty, and prefers to stand, any good solutions, mommies??