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Hello everyone!

We're hoping to soon start potty-training Junior. Are there any books that you have followed and successfully trained your little ones? We might be hoping for too much, but we're looking for something quick and painless... He's using disposable diapers at the moment. He doesn't mind sitting on the potty for a while. nothing ever comes out though.

I read through the "potty-training" thread and saw a mention on Gina Ford's book. Could you please let me know what the "signs' that they are ready are? Thanks so much.

Another question please... For a boy, do we initially make him sit down for both no. 1 & no. 2? I know it will need some "steering" if he's standing up. Do we literally "hold" him to help aim?

Thanks a bunch.
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sitting or standing

Years ago, I trained my boy (now 5) to stand for no. 1 and sit down for no. 2, and I didn't really like how it went. For a very long while, he was confused. He would be sitting down doing no. 2, then the urge to pee came up and he stood right up, with dirty bum and all. Yikes!

According to Gina Ford, the signs are:
(1) he is over 18 months of age;
(2) his nappy is often dry after his lunchtime nap or a dry nappy a couple of hours since last nappy change indicates some bladder control;
(3)he is aware when he is doing a poo or a pee;
(4)he understands and follows simple instructions;
(5)he is eager to participate in taking off his own clothes (e.g. shoes, socks etc) and understands what pulling his shorts up and down mean;
(6)can point to different body parts when named;
(7)he can sit still and occupy himself for 5-10 minutes with a toy

GF recommends starting potty training if the child shows ALL of the signs. Hope this helps.

(GF book works for me. Perhaps you can consider buying one?)

Lai San
Here are the signs:

- His nappy is frequently dry when you get him up from his lunch-time nap. A dry nappy a couple of hours after his last nappy change would also be an indication that he is getting some bladder control.
- He shows signs of awareness when doing a poo, i.e. he goes very quiet and squeezes his legs together, or points to his nappy and says "poo" or "pee-pee" when he has done one.
- He can understand and follow simple instructions, e.g. "go and fetch your red ball" or "put your toy in the box".
- He is eager to participate in taking off his own clothes, e.g. shoes, socks and shorts, and understands what pulling his shorts up and down means.
- He has the ability to sit still and occupy himself or concentrate for 5-10 minutes with a toy or book.

We've just started to potty. Will keep u posted on our progress.

Lai san & rani:

Thank-you so much. Junior would still have to wait for 3 more signs before we could get started. His diaper is NEVER dry.
I am no expert in potty training. In fact we are no where close. But my experience is that more time they spend out of their disposable diapers the quicker is the progress. Be prepared for lots of accidents around the house though. Its a part of the deal- the way I see it.
We weren't successful potty training the 1st time and are giving it another shot. Gina ford recommends giving kids rewards, more like bribes!. So we've got a couple of packets of M&Ms and a few new toys on hand. And I must admit we're made significant progress. How did you get on?
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Thanks for your update, Rani.

Junior is almost 26 months already, and he's still in Pampers. According to the signs you have mentioned, he is almost all set except for the big rule no.1: his Pampers are always wet! He drinks gllons of water/juice daily, and there never seems to be time that his diaper is actually dry. In the morning, his diaper is up to the point of leaking! And his last drink of the day is about 6 p.m.

I don't know this has anything to do with my bad genes. At this age, I still need to go to bathroom at night at least once without fail...

Wish us luck.