Pokfulam Playgroup Feb 3

Paru Vohra

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Hi. I too am based in Pokfulam, with a 10 month old girl. I am looking for a baby group with mums rather than on with helpers ! If there is anything going, do let me know. or are there enough in Pokfulam to start one off ?
Paru :welcome: to GeoBaby!

I think we definitely have enough babies and Moms to start a playgroup in Pokfulam.

Anyone up to meeting next week? Say Thurs?

Hi Rani!
Well, would be great. We are in!!! I'm still going to the Matilda group but on Thursdays, but the way up there is getting long and boring for Lukas..... So, maybe I join Matilda occassionally only (depending on the topic) and otherwise stay in Pokfulam.
Now our renovation is done (exept the walkways and playground....) and I can invite people, too, without having them walk over debris and dust.

Hi there
Thursdays doesnt work for me as I have signed up in Gymbaroo. How about Mondays or Tuesday mornings ?
I can do Tues morning.

Marta, how about you?

Cyndi, CTRbabe, Armstroe, Seb's Dad/Mom are you able to join us?

Anyone else up for meeting?
Tuesday is perfect! How about the afternoons? Would be easier with naps and lunch.

Can do Tues afternoons. Shall we start the next Tuesday at mine
from 2:30 to 4:30 ?? I live in Victoria Gardens, we have a great playroom downstairs too.

I would love to join and might be able to make it out one of these days but for now have to stay at work. :-(

Seb's Mom will be 23 weeks with the triplets on Saturday and is starting to do more bed rest, out of necessity and also as a precaution. So... not sure if she'll be able to make it but will check.

Either way have fun!
Hi Paru Vohra!
Then we are very close to each other: I live in Scenic Villas....
Looking forward to see you.

Wow, I guess it's been awhile since I checked back here! :) I would love to come. Tuesday mornings don't work for me, but Tuesday afternoons would be fine, as would just about any other day of the week, morning or afternoon. :) So just let me know exactly where and when (date and time) and I'll let you know if Maya and I will be there.

I am happy to have the first one here. Coming Tuesday 3:30 to 5:30 ? I live in Victoria Gardens, Victoria road. I have a 10 month old girl called Ayesha. We have a playroom below which can be used, or else the apartment does resemble a playroom these days !
I just heard about this group from Marta today - which date did you end up starting on. Will you be getting together on 2 Feb?
Hi Paru Vohra!
Where exactly do we meet? I mean which flat in Victoria Gardens....

Hi Marta
Lets meet at the playroom by the pool. Which means you take a lift from the lobby to the Ground area, and the playroom is located near the entry of Block 1. After the kids have a play, we can come up for more play and coffee.
Hi Paru/Rani,

Sorry for the late reply, just got back to HK. Yes, we are in too. Will see you all on 3/Feb 3.30pm.

Maya and I are also planning on coming! But can someone please tell me how to get to Victoria Gardens? I have no clue! I am coming from Chi Fu. What busses or mini busses go there? Any help would be great!