Playgroup on the Peak


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Hello All,

We arrived 2 months ago and are settling in pretty well. However I would still love to find a few more mates for my sociable 20 month old daughter! We live up on the Peak and have a nice garden that is in shade in the afternoons, so if anyone who has similar aged children would like to come and visit, it would be lovely to have you. We don't go to pre-school yet, although we will start in January when Sylvia is 2, so are still pretty flexible.

If anyone fancies it, let me know,
M x
Hi, my son Ethen would love to join the playgroup. He is 12 months old. We moved here about 6 months ago. We live at midlevels and I can drive to the peak. Is there a guest parking facility in your place?
yes there is guest parking here. how are you both fixed this week? we are free thurs afternoon if that suits, and poss fri. if not, then lets try the week after. i will send you our address details by pm if you are around.

martha x
hi Martha - we are free this Thursday afternoon! i'll check my PM for the details. Looking forward to it.
Hi Martha - That's great. We are free, too on Thursday afternoon. I will drive to your place. Please pm me your address and look forward to meeting you on Thursday.