Playgroup on Saturday


Unfortunately I have had to go back to work even though my son is only 4 mths old. I do nto want him to miss out on social interaction and therefore I would like to take him to a playgroup. Becasue I am working this would need to be on Saturday.

Are there any existing groups?

Are there any other mums out there in teh same boat who would be interested?

Hi there,

Although I'm only working 1/2 days so no problem joining other playgroups during the week. But my husband is feeling a bit left out and I would love him to come along.

Do let us know if anyone's up for meeting on Sat.

I'm a working mom too...Zanna's 14 months and it would be great for her to get some interaction with other children. We just moved to a slightly bigger location in Olympic City (Tai Kok Tsui)and would be glad to host a playgroup on Sat. Maybe we could take turns?
Hi HKFooey/stephchoy/ec822,

So when should we meet then?
Will your partner/husband attend too?

I am happy to offer my place in Stanley and I expect my husband will be around as well.

How does the first Saturday in March sound?

What sort of time would suit?
Thanks for the invitation, hkfooey! First Sat is March 6th. That works for us. I guess either mid-morning or mid afternoon would be good. Depends on what your baby's schedules are and when they are most alert and happy.

My husband works on most Saturdays so he won't be able to make it to this one. But maybe next time.