playgroup for 2+ yr toddler


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Looking to send my 2+ yr old to a play group/play school twice or thrice a week for a few hours. However, the only options available in the kindies for 2+ years seem to be pre-nursery, which is 5 times x 3hrs/week.

Would appreciate any info on kindies having 2/3 times a week classes/play groups for above 2years. I live in Tung some where close by would be preferred
Do you mean an accompanied playgroup or an unaccompanied playgroup? Highgate House has accompanied playgroups for 2-3 years olds on MWF for 2 hours and unaccompanied nursery for 2-3 year olds either MWF or TTh for 3 hours.
I have already tried Sunshine house, Greenfeilds and DMK( all in Tung Chung) and they have only the 5 day option.

I was actually thinking of an unaccompanied playgroup - and the highgate house schedule of 2 times*3hrs/week sounds ideal. where is this held..?

would you be able to provide some info about your playgroup as well..

thanks vm.
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if you are looking for unaccompanied, i don't do that as i need a special licence from the social welfare department as a child care centre.

however, if you are still interested, my website is:

i will just let you know now, though, there are not many spaces still available. there may be more during the summer when some of the kids go on holidays.
I'm so sorry, but I didn't read your original post carefully enough and now realise that you are in Tung Chung. Highgate House is on the Peak which will probably be too far. Try Sunshine House because they are usually flexible about how many days per week your child attends and have unaccompanied nursery classes from 2 years and up.